Monday, July 12



Today played football in the wing. The ground was about 4 feet across. :)) vidit and unni started the game and soon amal and I joined in. It was fun, playing football with tennis-ball in such a narrow place with one player weighing 105 kgs :o

Celebrated kaka's b'day. Instead of him getting bumps, all the people who had come with hopes to kick kaka were kicked mercilessly. No-one was spared. People who ran into rooms were dragged back into the kicking-arena and were given bumps.

For the placement-study, we have taken inspiration from Five Point Someone. We are doing C2D - Cooperate to Dominate. The work load has been shared. abhinav is doing DS and algos, piyush is doing os, vidit is doing networks, paresh - CO, adi - SE and I am doing DB. And yes, paresh and vidit have not left MSBR. They are great guys just helping us out.

It is 1:30 a.m and I believe in --
"Your future depends on your dreams" So go to sleep.

Placements start in 4-5 days.. So bye, I've to sleep for my future. :)

Friday, July 9


Placements rule the day. Each and everyone has just one thought, one aim - a nice job with a fat salary. raheja, majjj and me solved an ibm paper, with special aid from the msbr guys - vidit, ranta and shetty. The msbr people are without a care in the world, all the time enjoying themselves while we try to study. Even the mails have dried up. These days all the mails we get are from IRONhide with the subject "Reg Placements". I sincerely hope the placement-season gets over as soon as possible, with everyone getting a nice job.

Had a look at the list of FYPs. After vidit stranded me on the verge of finalising the FYP :((, maybe I'll do it with majjj. Saw the FYPs. Two seem interesting. But FYP is not a major concern right now. The major concern is - ya you guessed it right - placement.

Played TT after a long time today. It seemed that we were having a batch party there. raheja, majjj and me started, soon vidit and prashant joined us and then amal, deadly, pb, jagan and chandu gate-crashed the party and then there was chaos all-around.

Through GTV, joined a quake game on the net and spectated z4muz. It was a good experience, watching the game live instead of a demo and able to comment live !!
parry is back from raipur. So will get some stuff to eat for at least 2-3 days unless abhinav and me are in ravenous form. :))

Filled form for TAship today. Applied for DWDM, Maths-3 and ITWS-1. Lets see if and what do I get. Still undecided about MS. Hopefully will reach a decision soon.

July 10th. 11:12 p.m.

Thursday, July 8

Da Vinci

I am really astounded by 'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown. I completed it today afternoon. Searched for 'Priory of Sion', Da Vinci paintings on the net, and most of the things told in the novel appear to be true !! I am fascinated with DaVinci and his paintings now.

Yesterday night celebrated deadly and bapu's b'day. A really tasty cake preceeded by some nasty bumps and succeeded by 3 engrossing cricket matches completetd the celebrations. A really tight last over(to ketan) and a hattrick(rajjo, nipun and vidit) made my day (or should I say night ?) We started playing at 1:00 a.m and ended around 4:00 in the morning.

Today everyone is really tense with the placements here. First adi and piyush, then abhinav and finally khare, majjj, ashish, raheja, amal(I don't know why is he bothering) and chandu. Missed today's CL class. Was sleeping.

Anyways I did a nice thing today. Short-listed my prospective companies. Hopefully would get a nice company, but I'm still unsure of what to do ? Job or MBA or MS ? Lets see where do I land up finally...

July 8th. 11:26 p.m.

Tuesday, July 6

Studied a bit...

Today studied C. khare was doing some programs and majjj, dixit and me sat with him, helping him and simultaneously brushing up a few basics. Got entangled in left and right associativity and wrote many sample codes to try out all the permutations and combinations. Also I again tried to study pointers from diglib, did better then last time, but still have lots of ground to cover.

Today I woke up early. 8:15 a.m. !!! That is surely an achievement. Will try to make that a habit.

In the morning I tried helping vidit set-up his room but it was like caging a tiger, if not worse. Searched for beautiful girls and soccer photos in newspapers to paste in his room. Helped him by contibuting photos of amrita rao and keira knightley, but he managed to lose them in a jiffy in the usual vidit-fashion.

Have started reading 'Da-Vinci Code'. Seems really intriguing.

July 6th. 11:32 p.m.

Monday, July 5


After lots and lots of indecisions and loads of senti from vidit, abhinav (he is back from b'lore after his stint at honeywell), piyush and adi I finally shifted from 391 to 96. The room is really great with the stars and hearts the previous occupant has left on the ceiling. They are fluroscent and I think they would disturb me initially when I try to sleep. I have already counted them, 8 small stars, 1 large star and 2 hearts. vidit and adi have gone crazy about them and are getting them soon.

The shifting turned out to be a mammoth task. Courtesy piyush and vidit my shifting was done quite quickly. But vidit still has not shifted completely. He is gonna sleep in abhinav's room tonight. Loads of cricket has also gone on these past 2 days. Just the pitch too has shifted from 2nd floor to the TV lounge in ground floor. This ground/pitch is much better then the previous one, with more fun. And surprise, Greece defeated Portugal in Euro-2004 final. pudi is there right now, in lisbon, would ask him for details when he comes back.

And how can I forget the delicious samosas from indira nagar. Got 32 of them. But alas the party was incomplete without jalebi. :(( Again vidit is being mentioned as the driver who took me to indira nagar and also as the financer who paid for them. Thanks vidit..

Now I'm broke. Contemplating a loan from abhinav. Anyways I'm thinking of applying for RAship and TAship both, as I want a regular source of income next sem.

These days I'm getting a bit partial towards MS. I'm seriously considering that option now. After the talk with dad when he said I should do both MS and MBA and after satya's class today (with all the trees reminding me of MVPP and the extension in DWDM -- again with vidit) I've decided to give GRE immediately after CAT. Will decide something soon after that. Will keep myself posted.

July 6th. 1:27 a.m.

Saturday, July 3


Went to watch Deewar today. After about 5-6 months, I'm watching a movie in theater. The movie was ok, but the fun was getting there. khare, rocky, vidit, jayaram, nir and me reached the theater on bikes. majjj, amal, adit and piyush had gone earlier to take the tickets. since imax was houseful we went to ramakrishna.

First the six of us had samosas and mithai in indira nagar. Then took a long detour through Whisper-Valley, Jubilee Hills etc etc to reach there. The usefulness of cell-phones was aptly demonstrated when someone got lost. Generally vidit & khare and nir & me got lost, as jaya knew all the roads. So one calls other, decides on a spot to meet, gets there and waits for the other guys to appear. I drove khare's bike. Really enjoyed the drive of about 50kms. Came back in 24 minutes from the theater to insti. Then in abhinav's room watched Shrek-2. A nice movie.

Studied C yesterday, and did nothing today. The placement scenario is still not clear, padmaja is again confusing us all.

Got a room on the ground floor(99), will shift tomorrow. Maybe now I'll bring the computer from home. And yes Maria Sharapova won wimbledon-2k4. :))

4th July. 4:10 a.m.
Now will go and sleep..

Friday, July 2


Read 'Five Point Someone' by Chetan Bhagat. Absolutely great book. A must read.
Also 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coehlo. I loved that book too.

Have just come back from lunch and a round of 'powder fight' in adi's room. He started it and then vidit, piyush and me took revenge. Then all of us conspired, got amal downstairs and then attacked him together. Had lunch in mess, food was fine today (surprisingly).

Yesterday Sangal frustated us again with his boring speech and obstinate attitude. Did nothing about the fees matter. Then raheja, pelu, vidit and me played quake for a while, since I was losing too badly I asked majjj to play for me and then the match turned really one-sided with pelu and majjj on same team. Came back to room for some movie(s). Saw 'The Graduate' and 'Along came Polly' with rocky and poppy and vidit. Both movies were just ok.
Now going to lab to study.

2nd July, 2:45 p.m.