Monday, September 13


Well, it has been two months and two days since my last post. And this period has been very, very eventful. Lets start..

18th July: Oracle was on campus for recruitment. Till 17th I was not sure whether I should sit for it or not? At the last moment, I thought of giving it a try. The first test was apti+tech. Apti was very easy and tech was hard, but I managed to get through in the first round there. Second round was at 2:30. Three programs to be written in 45 minutes. Ok lets skip the gory details, I cleared the 2nd test too and was called for interview. When the results came I was playing quake, and it was adi's sms that told me bout them. Then I went for the wipro presentation, came back. had dinner, and then I was watching Ind vs SL match, when abhinav, vidit, paresh, piyush and adi lambasted me and told me to go and study. Borrowed the DWDM book from vidit, and started reading summary of all chapters.

19th July: D-Day. Done with the DWDM & DBMS books. Took a crash course from abhinav on Data Structures and Algorithms. Mine was the 1st interview at 1:30. Reached the Oracle-school at around 1:25. I was a bit apprehensive but was confident, since I was not expecting much. (The oracle guys had already specifed they wanted totally tech guys.. :-) )
The first round went on for about 50-55 minutes, with questions reg sorting(lots of them), data structures, compilers(?!?!), C programming, DBMS(just one). I think i did ok, coz he called me back for the 2nd round. Mailed the guys about the 1st round and then I returned. I was waiting and wating and all the people around me were being called for the interviews. And I was still waiting. I had a small walk and sat back again. And I was immediately called for the 2nd round. This guy first talked to me about my projects. Actually I talked, I don't know whether he understood anything. I explained him the Extension-of-MVPP-Algorithm completely. And he was quiet like a mouse during that time. Then gave me some SQL queries, I did them. Then we moved onto my next interest - Programming. He gave me some purely logical problems and told me to write codes for them. I always explained him the algorithm and never wrote anything. He was satisfied with my approaches to the various questions. This round went on for about 1/2 an hour.
And then the 3rd round, the easiest, of HR began. I was well prepared for any sort of HR interview after my stress-interview taken by RR and Mansoor (during soft-skills class). This interview was a piece-of-cake after having survived those two guys. The HR lady was really nice and I joked a bit with her. I don't know why but she was impressed that I had played badminton at a higher level. This round would not have lasted more then 15 minutes. And then Mr. Shenoy, the tech head of oracle started the 4th round of interviews. He was multi-tasking, interviewing 2 people simultaneously. He gave me a core DBMS question, initially I thought it was easy, but as I thought more about it, the complexity of the question grew. I did what I thought was right, and he proved me wrong. Ok, I started thinking again and after 5 minutes I was still stumped. Then he gave me a hint, I again did something, right or wrong, I still do not know. Mr. Shenoy never said anything. He just asked me to 'hang-around, we'll announce the results in an hour'. This happened at about 6:15, so I just hung-around, agonizing over how badly I did in my last round. Then others came and I realized everyone had done badly in their last rounds. So I felt a tad-better, but the tension was palpable.
8:30 - at last the results are coming. So one-by-one the names start coming, 1st name- not mine, 2nd name- not mine, 3rd, 4th, 5th .. 8th- still my name hasn't come. I have almost lost hope and then tarun gives me a thumbs-up. My hopes again find flight, and my ears prick to listen to my name. 9th name- still not mine..... 10th name- Kunal Dhabalia. Whew... what a relief. At last I have done it, I'm in oracle. rocky and dixit too have been selected for oracle.

Got no bumps, and it surely ain't a problem !!
And ya there was a lucky chair too during the interview. Whenever I sat on that chair, I was called for the next round.

14th Sep, 1:30 a.m