Thursday, October 21

Cooking !!!

Today we are cooking our own dinner. abhinav, vidit, adi, piyush, amal, ranta and me. parry has not yet graced us with his presence, but I believe fatty(sorry parry :P) won't miss the eating part.

The official cooks are abhinav, vidit, ranta and piyush. adi and amal would join them soon. Since my room is the kitchen, I have captured abhinav's room and am searching for recipes on the net (and also playing CS). The menu is Tomato Soup, Aloo Tikki, Mushroom Appetizer, Garlic Bread, Burger, Maggi, Rasmalai and Kheer. Wow !!!

Right now, milk and the potatoes are being boiled, and the vegetables are being cut. Lets see how everything turns out. :D
Next post, after an hour with the latest details and all the progress..

Oct 21st, 5:50 pm

Tuesday, October 19


Microsoft IDC came for recruitment today. They had taken all the CVs and shortlisted some 35 people, myself being one of them. How was I selected I have no idea, I think having a CG > 8 helped. Anyways again I woke up at 7:30 (I should stop it, else it would become a habit!!) attended their presentation and then waited for the first round of interview for nearly 4 hours. After that long boring wait, at last my interview started. Was asked about triangles' angles, hashes, atoi function and finding substring. I made mistakes in all answers and he always rectified me. For all the questions I ultimately reached the answers he was looking for, but always after lots of hints from his side and lots of mistakes from my side. So it came as no surprise to me that I did not qualify for the next round. piyush is through to the next round. I hope he gets the 7.5L.

Piyush gave his GRE too yesterday. He got a great score of 1340 with just few days of prearations. So now it is time for his party. Tonight we are going to Pizza-Hut :D Went to Melting Moments on sunday with vidit, adi and ketan. The ice-creams there are too good. It is a place which can be visited as often as the wallet permits. I whole-heartedly agree that the ice-creams there are uncomparable, but the prices sure are extravagant. Had it been cheaper I would be there almost everyday. :-)

I don't know how am I feeling right now. I never wanted to go to MS, so I am happy that I am free from all the bothers of future (MBA/Oracle/What) but I am disappointed because I was rejected from the interview. So having mixed feelings right now.

Oct 19th, 7:45 pm

Sunday, October 17


I forgot to mention...
I completed season-6 and have started with seaosn-7.

Oct 17th, 10:09 pm


Score - 52. Did bad, should have done better. Very bad accuracy in DI and english. In quant accuracy was fine. Attempts were fine, around 90.

And sadly, the test match did not end today. It is evenly poised, although I think India has a slight advantage. 210 runs needed in 90 overs, with 10 wickets in hand. Perfectly achievable. And Kumble passed Akram too today, he is now at 415 wickets.

piyush is busy preparing for his GRE tomorrow and vidit is studying hard for his PR test tomorrow. Both as uaual are frustated. vidit a bit and piyush a lot.

Regarding my going home, bhai says I'll lose the tempo for CAT if I go home. I know he is right but I'll still go home, as I think the break will do more good than bad. So I've told dad to get my return tickets. Have also got the admit cards for CAT and JMET. Both centers are in Hyderabad. Will have to go sometime and take a look where they are.

We are planning a trip somewhere after the 8th sem. vidit is of the opinion of a secluded place, and abhinav favours any hill-station. So we have decided on a secluded hill-station (This is what is called Democracy!!). As of now we don't know any such place, but we'll surely find it. We are thinking of going in May last week. That is a long time from now, but it is fun planning..

Oct 17th, 10:07 pm

Saturday, October 16


Lots of things have happened in the past 3 days and I don't remember most of them :-)
But some things I do remember..

piyush flummoxed jawahar and dey and likewise with his presenattion during viva. And still he was not satisfied. He himself is one confused guy. abhinav and adi breezed through their vivas. No glitches there, but adi was surely frustoo the night before..

For a change I attended all the classes yesterday.. Whew, it was really tiring. And to top it all, I had woken up at 7:30 in the morning!! In the evening adi, vidit, abhinav and me went out for ice-creams to Ice-n-Spice. Had sandwiches and pizzas and shakes for dinner, and instead of rounding it with ice-creams we decided on going to Hi-Tech for the Cold-Swiss-Choclate (refer the previous post). So we took a huge detour through whisper-valley, and finally reached there. But unluckily, we did not find the shop open at 10:00 pm :-( vidit, adi got us choclate-pastries, which were just about ok. Then the procession moved to the secret-lake.. Sat there for around an hour talking on everything under the sun.

I am surely going mad. Today again I woke up at 7:30 :D Had to go for invigilation of the itws3 mid-term. Wasted an hour there, and then our seniors came and so we had a cricket match. pratyush, surya and others came. They were playing quite well, onsidering they haven't played for a long time. I bowled one miserly over (just 3 runs), and so was entrusted with the ball for the last-over too. And I certainly fulfilled the expectations of our seniors. Gave away 15 runs. :(( Eventually we ended the match as draw, due to unforseen equipment problem. In layman's language, the ball burst and so the match was ended as draw.

I've decided on going home for diwali, convinced mom dad too. parry saved me a trip to station as he is not going now. So I got his tickets. Warne became the highest wicket taker in test-cricket and Kumble moved past Ambrose on the first day. I hope we win on the 4th day itself.

Thinking of giving an FLT now. Will post my score to keep myself abreast with the progress on the war-front.

Oct 16th, 10:30 pm

Wednesday, October 13


Another 700/- gone down the drain. Today applied for JMET. They had lots of weird funda. Scanned photograph, scanned signature (?!?!) etc. And the worst part was paying the fees. You have to be a wizard to figure that one out. After lots of deliberations, I finally did it. The only compensation was the awsome Cold-Swiss-Chocolate at Hi-Tech. It was too good.

Today I'm absolutely free. I have no idea on what I should do. No, I am not going to study today. Actually, this morning when I woke up (ya, for a change I was awake at 8:30 today) I thought of writing a FLT, but then the turn of events did not allow me to do so.

Today I fulfilled some of my duties as a TA. I checked the projects today and graded them based on the work they did after the previous submission. Also got my end-sem timetable. My exams start and end on 2nd Nov. How great is that!! Now I am seriously contemplating going home for Diwali, just have to convince mom and dad :D

Got a great wallpaper of Amrita Rao, she is looking absolutely stunning. Saw DCH once again, that movie remains as good as ever. Actually it seemed better then before. I think I've been watching boring movies for too long. I should stop watching movies for a while and just continue with Friends.

It is after midnight and I am feeling a tad tired. So bye...
Oct 14th, 12:15 am

Tuesday, October 12


The setting was of an interrogation in a jail. Five people sitting in semi-circular fashion facing you and expecting you to spill all the beans. Well we were supposed to spill-the-beans, else what would the viva be there for.
I think it went very well. Prof. Kamal tried to confuse us a lot, but we persisted with our view-point and pointed out his mistakes. And finally we came out unscathed from the interrogation cell after 10-15 agonizing minutes.

Saw the movie Garfield today. Really awful movie. As good the normal Garfield cartoons are, the movie was a huge dampener. I expected much more.

Anyways, continuing with the season-6. On 609..

Oct 12th, 12 midnight

Keith Miller

"He was one of those rare athletes who could turn a game with bat, ball or with an impossible catch.

"But more important, he was a man who understood that the game, great as it is, is just a game, and he played it that way."

Oct 12th, 6:15 pm

Monday, October 11

Studies !!

Why do I have to study? It is really boring. Yesterday gave Mock-8 and tomorrow I have fyp viva and project submission. Whew!! I am having a really busy week.

Anyway, let me analyze myself reg Mock-8. Got a score of 56, I did bad. My number of attempts reduced drastically. From 114, I came down to 78. Even though I did well in quant and eng, I did pathetically bad in DI. I won't be clearing the cut-off in that. I should have attempted more. I had just 18 attempts in DI, whereas my score in DI is generally around 20. Time-management has to improve. I did well in quant. 21 attempts and 19 correct :D That is really great.

Since morning I've been preparing for the viva tomorrow, am confident that it will go great as both our preps are good. (majji and me)
Just now saw an enthralling football match between aakash and prithvi, studded with an own goals and three late goals, in the last 5 minutes.

I have started watching Friends once again. Saw 1st and 2nd season and now I've jumped to season-6. Having a really great time watching them again.
Well I suppose I've to study now, if I've to live up to my own expectations.

Oct 11th, 6:40 pm

Saturday, October 9

A Brief History of Time

It is not exactly "A Brief History of Time" but "A Brief History of Three Months".
Almost 3 months have passed, and I've posted just once.

Bhai went to US, Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago. Just now chatted with him for about 2 hours. He sent me some photographs from there. Seems to be a nice place.
I also went home, basically to meet bhai, before he left for US. Got job@oracle on 19th July, and I was home on 21st night. Had a gala time there for about 10 days, and then returned to the normal boring life here.
Well not that boring, Counter-Strike had started ruling the labs, instead of Quake. So soon, I was engrossed in gaming. These days quake and CS are both getting equal importance, and so is bzflag. :)

Got the TAship for ITWS-3, even though I had not applied for it. I think Pudi referred me. Also started the FYP with majji under Prosenjit Gupta. Really nice project. And the mocks have started. Two hours every sunday, and then the week long analysis. Have a mock tomorrow too. Will reduce my attempts now and concentrate more on accuracy.

Sumati came to Hyderabad. It was great fun. Although she was here only for 4 days, we did loads of masti. We talked endlessly on every topic under the sun. It was one of my most memorable times in Hyderabad. And the bike helped a lot too.. ya, the bike is here. Eventually I asked dad for it, and with some persuasion from mom he sent it to me. Got it on 5th September. It surely is a great advantage here. :) Ohh, I almost forgot, adi got a bike too, Ambition. Incase you are wondering mine is Splendour.

Have seen and I am still seeing lots of movies. The new lab system's are just great. They are better then the one's guys have in their rooms. 80GB is too much. At present I am having 30 movies on my system and still it is not even half-full (or half-empty).

In september, we had a week full of birthdays. abhinav, piyush, amal, kg, unni, anubhav and many more in just about 10 days. Twas a great time. (Note the Shakespearen touch :D) Gave bumps daily to adi. (even though his b'day was no where around, he was being kicked for teasing the poor LA people, me being one of the fools who took linear algebra) Once we went for mid-night buffet, saw a beautiful girl there and as usual that started abhinav on girls. Told us he talked to her etc etc. So we got him involved in a bet, saying that he has to go on a date before his birthday. He had 15 days, and it came as no wonder that he lost. So the 8 of us(vidit, rocky, khare, ranta, bapu, jayaram, upadhyay and me) are due to get a treat at melting moments. Hope to get it soon, as abhinav believes in the motto - "Better late, if ever !!"

Well, I believe I have covered the main-points of these three months. And I am being enticed by the tdm going on right now. vidit, bedi, raheja, ketan and pelu are quaking. So bye ...

Oct 9th, 7:45 pm