Saturday, November 27

Worst week..

I think this week has been the worst in a long long time.

Got screwed in CAT. Did pathetically bad in DI courtsey misreading a word. Doing well in other two sections may very well go down the drain. Not expecting any calls.

CAT was on Sunday, the start of the week. And if the the start was with a bang, how could it end with a whimper?

For the first time in my life I failed. Got 'F' in Linear Algebra. Scored 20 totally. And I thought, I had done well in the end-sems. I was expecting more, but...

The main culprit in both this was the figure 9. I scored 9 in DI and got 9 in LA end-sems. :)) Coincidence ?? (Or as Chandler says, "Joincidence with a C !!")
So if nothing else I can blame the figure of 9. Nine, hey that seems to be a nice name for CS and Quake!!

And speaking of CS and Quake, this week even in those both my form has been nothing short of horrendeous. The past few days have been dedicated to regaining my sublime (!!) touch. I think I am back to my normal form.

Nov 27th, 7:45 pm.

Tuesday, November 16

Poems on Vidit

Poet - Rocky

woh phul woh mauka
woh mast hawa ka jhonka

Vidit ne kisi ko dekha ...
pad gaya uske dil pe daka..

kahna to chaha bahut kuch
par har bar zuban ho jati thi chup

Marathe ne diya mauka ..
Khush ho gaya hamara banka..

finally mili Knight ko uski lady
bhaiyon .. ho jao baarat ke liye ready

Poet - Pelu

Sequel 2 rakesh

Woh teer jo chali dil ke aar paar
Vidit to shaadi ke liye hai tayyar

Nazren jhukaye woh mallika hai khadi
Vidit ki kismet to khul padi

bhaiyon chalo is mauke ki khushi mein
chalo dikhayen vidit ko sitaare

Use de hum bumps jumke
Kya kehte ho mohan pyaare ???

Poet - Vidit
Vidit strikes back

woh phul woh mauka
woh mast hawa ka jhoka

us par padi jo woh pehli nazar
dil na jane gum hua kidhar

woh pyara sa chehra
woh sharabi si aankhen
Kahar sa chhaya
joh koi nikla pool se nahake

Mana ... mana lady thi cute
pur ROCKY ne is dil ko liya tha loot.

Poet - Rocky
Rocky has the last laugh

Arz karta hoon ...

Vidit ke Dil ka Haal

Ab Intezaar ki ghadiyan ho chuki hain bahut lambi...
ab to sun sun kar pak chuke hain .. "Zombie Zombie"

Kambakht Yeh Semester bhi hai khatm ho chala
Aakhiri english ki class main bhi us se nahi Mila ?

Ab to Bas Khuda pe hi bharosa hai...
Swimming Pool main mila de bas itni hi aasha hai

Nov 16th, 6:30 pm

Time flies...

I know I promised to continue with the cooking blog, but who can control the time and space and the happenings around ? Anyways the food turned out to be awesome and we finished our dinner at around 1:00 am after starting the cooking at 4:00 pm. We cooked for 8 hours and then polished off everything in just under an hour.

Gave the exams, did well in vlsi algos and I'm preety sure I'm failing LA. Only a miracle can save me. CAT is just around the corner. So preparing for that. Hope I get 4-6 calls. Stop being greedy Kunal.. Ok any call from A.B,C,L would do. :D

Went home for diwali. After 4 years celebrated diwali at home. Enjoyed a lot, but came back in just two days. :(( But it was fun. Met many friends..

Ya, I almost forgot the Tiger-story. As per rumours a tiger was caught in the campus !!!!! Then we had lots of fun at the poor tiger's and vidit's expense. How ? This will be clarified in the next posting..

Nov 16th, 6:10 pm