Thursday, December 9


Nothing compare to the days leading up to any presentation. The confusion, the chaos, the pandemonium!! Had my Final-Year-Project's presentation today. Have been doing nothing but trying to understand the complexities of R-Tree and splitting nodes and maximal-horizontal-space-strip (impressive, huh?) At last the D-Day was here, and Manoj and I came out with flying colors. I believe we had answers to all their questions.

Now the next big thing or THE big thing for which we all are waiting, Shimla Trip. We have planned a trip to kanpur(vidit's home) and shimla and rohudu(ranta's home). amal, chandu and ranta are going for ACM, and from there the plan developed and now 17 of us are in it. But thanks to jawahar and pjn, these plans may very well go down the drain. abhinav has now his presentation on 20th, so he is out. parry too may ditch us soon. And just now pjn mailed amal and chandu regarding their deadlines, and so the list continues. Hopefully we'll go.

Abhinav brought a DigCam. It is really great, but I've been reduced to the unofficial photographer as abhinav has not yet learnt how to use it properly, and since I've tinkered a lot with the camera I'm now considered an expert. So all my photographs are coming bad :-(

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Dec 9th, 10:50 pm