Sunday, January 30


Majji - Kaka, tera surname kya hain ?

Kaka - Kumar.

Majji - Nahi, tera surname (Sir-Name) hain Jawahar.. Ha ha ha

Majjj with his very bad phatta when he is supposed to complete our FYP without me :) I am right now too lazy to work or for that matter I am generally very lazy whenever anything realted to studies is nearby. Still I've written 4 pages of crap in the FYP Progress Report. I did 'wc' on the report and found out 199 lines with about 1340 words and more then 7000 characters !!! And the report is not yet complete!! I really am verbose in writing useless things, actually this may turn out to be quite useful.. :) Lets see what is the verdict of the faculty on this report..

Jan 31st, 12:28 pm

Inspired by Khare

As Utkarsh says, "A song that speaks to you."
It does not exactly speak to me, but it is great :)

Hoobastank - The Reason

I'm not a perfect person
As many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

I'm sorry that I hurt you
It's something I must live with everyday
And all the pain I put you through
I wish that I could take it all away
And be the one who catches all your tears
Thats why i need you to hear

I've found a resaon for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is You [x4]

I'm not a perfect person
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you

Jan 30th, 10:07 pm

Surprise !!

I am finally bored of playing CS. For the whole day I've done nothing but play CS. Tried my hand at sniping too and found out that it is not my cup of tea. A match is going on right now in dust2, but a change is required. So I'll be back to quake for a while.
The only problem is these days no one plays quake except DP and he is the god of quake. What would a lesser mortal like me do against him ??

Song :: Hoobastank - The Reason

Jan 30th, 10:00 pm

Which OS am I ?

What the hell is this OS ?

You are Palm OS. Punctual, straightforward and very useful.  Your mother wants you to do more with your life like your cousin Wince, but you're happy with who you are.


Jan 30th, 2:40 pm

An Insider's View

Read this interesting article on bloggers and blogging.

Blogging: An Insider's View     Courtsey - Rediff

Jan 30th, 1:54 pm

Saturday, January 29


Experimenting with Hello, a photo manager.
Seems to be a nice thing, makes it very easy to upload photographs..

Jan 29th, 12:49 pm

Friday, January 28

Shadow Play at IIAS Posted by Hello

Imambara at Lucknow


Uploaded my photograph in the profile. Has still not come on the blog, I believe I am seeing the cached page.

Jan 29th, 10:44 am


Talks of a Clan-Tournament in CS-CZ is going on these days here. New clans are springing up daily. People who have never played 5v5 in their lives are making clans and large-scale-recruitment is going on. Already a web-page is up and the draws are out, complete with the double elimination system - all courtsey Majji.
Yesterday we, the CSI clan, played with the Titans clan in dust2. We started as T's and after lagging behind 2-4 initially, defeated them 8-4. I was woefully out of touch, since I played after a long time. But at last I won a game for the team when I was the lone man standing with 3 CT's. :)) When we were CT's, the same story started. They led initially 1-2, but eventually we won 8-5. It was a nice game with all others (xXx, Slipstream, Shrek, saikiran) in great form and me (Sp4cE) in horrendeous form.

Now - FYP time :((

Jan 29th, 10:10 am

Wednesday, January 26

Bruises and Sprains...

Thumb, ankle, neck, head, nose, toe and my hand. That is the small list where I've been hit this week, sorry not a week but two days.
In the football match instead of me contacting the ball, the ball contacted me more often. That is where I picked up the major number of injuries. Barring the thumb the rest are courtsey football. None of them major. Qunatity but no quality !!
The next day I made up in quality. Sprained my thumb, X-Ray revealed no fracture. Quality but no quantity. So have not been able to play anything for the past few days, even CS as I am not able to hold a mouse. Am typing right now with one hand !!!
Have become a pukka leftie in these past two-three days. Having meals with my left hand. But it is fun making Adi, Piyush, Vidit etc work for me. They are my beck and call. :))

Went for a batch picnic to Rammapa Lake near Warangal. Details of that in next post.

Jan 26th, 7:25 pm

Sunday, January 16

Ramoji Trip

28 of us went for a trip to Ramoji Film City. Abhinav, Vidit, Piyush, Adi, Parry, Majji, Pushpam, Rocky, Maddy, Khare, Pankaj, Parivesh, Ranta, Tiwary, Dixit, Deadly, Bapu, Jayaram, Sam, AU, Akhil, Bhargava, Kaka, Raheja, Shetty, Sushant, Malik and me. Whew, that was a long list!! Took minutes to remember all 28 people..

Instead of a detailed blog here is the story in pictures..

The trip starts.. Waiting for Dixit in front of Kamal's home..

Majji was flooding us with his intolerable PJs..
Majji guide always led us on to the wrong way throughout the trip.

Still in bus, Rocky and me.

Vidit, Abhinav, Jayaram, Shetty, Raheja, AU etc are up there, trying to reach the sky

Adi, Dixit, Pushpam and Parivesh await their turn to touch the sky..

Vidit and Rocky, with Vidit saying yyuuyui !!

A scared Tiwary and the photographer - me

Pushpam did a nice job as Monalisa.. :))

I am wanted...

Now even Majji is wanted..

Almost half the group (13/28)

Piyush, Bapu, Ranta, Me, Daedly and Khare

On the slope in front of Hawa-Mahal.
Now it is more then half the group, 15 of us.

Rocky, Me, Pushpam, Abhinav, Aditya and Parivesh
An artistic touch...

Woman on top !!!

Bapu enjoying ...

Can you belive it, I am holding on Parivesh !!!

The roll, discovered by Majji.
Tiwary rolling while Majj offers a helping hand.

Malik falling off the bull...

And Bhargava trying to take the neck of the bull with him..

After some agonizing 30-40 secs, even I fall off... But gg

The rain dance...

Beneath the rainbow !!!

Bapu, Majji, Pushpam, Adi, Abhinav and Rocky - all rocking...

Shetty, Raheja, Vidit, Sam, Sushant, AU, Kaka, Rnata, Malik

The monkey in us coming to the front..
Me, Maddy, Abhinav and Tiwary

Parivesh, Rocky, Pushpam and Majji
Copy Cats or Copy Monkeys ??



And Bapu..

The Sun-fountain. Me, Pushpam, Adi and Dixit.

Notice the white speck in center of the photograph ??
Thats Adi copying the statue !!

Parivesh, Abhinav and Me - Still on the fountain

The line - Adi, Parivesh, Me, Dixit, Pushpam, Bapu and Abhinav

The circle - Adi, Parivesh, Dixit, Abhinav, Pushpam, Me, Bapu.

The semi-circle - Pushpam, Parivesh, Abhinav, Adi, Me, Bapu, Pankaj

Playing Snakes and Ladders... Tiwary, Me, Ranta and Pankaj

The rain dance... Part II

Pankaj, Abhinav, Tiwary, Parry, Bapu, Adi and Ranta on the floor

Aftermath of the rain-dance..

Jan 15th, 9:55 pm

GD PI Sessions

In CL the GD PI sessions have started in full flow.. I did bad in my first Mock-GD. Reached the conclusion that I have to study a lot, if I need to have a say in any GD.
Then gave a presentation on Constitution of India. I answered almost all the questions raised by the people there.

The classes are very tiring. They go on for more than 5 hrs sometimes. Also the sessions are in Parklane, almost 25kms from here.. So daily spending around 2 hrs on bike. Going through the most crowded sections of the city in the rush-hour is tiring, and this is going to go on till March !!! I'll be black from the dust and grime I accumulate on road by then.

Jan 17th, 10:30 am

Tuesday, January 11


Courtsey Rocky's Blog , I took this nerd-test and this is what I get

I am nerdier than 81% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Jan 11th, 2:20 pm

Sunday, January 9

XLRI + CSI + Party

Gave XLRI.. The reporting time was 9am and the exam started at 10:00. Why do they call us so early? Just to make us stand, wondering about the future and pondering over all kind of stuff.. Why I gave XLRI I have no idea. I think I have done bad. Attempted many questions, but quant may lead to my downfall. Was blank while doing it, and was not paying any attention to it. My mind had diverted to more important and more philosophical things in life, that is the impending, much awaited match of Counter-Strike.

The CSI Clan - Majji (xXx), Unni (SlipStream), Venki (Adept), Shrek (_Esuko_)and I (Sp4cE) had registered for the CS tournament at Reliance Web World. Our match was to start at 4:00, so we reached there about an hour earlier for practicing on their systems. They were playing CS-1.5, and we are habituated to play CS-CZ. So it was a bit of problem for us to get attuned to their systems and the setting there.. We were in nice form coming up to the tournament as we had defeated our juniors quite easily. But on the D-Day our main players, Majji and Unni seemed off-colour. They were in bad form. Also we were very frustoo as we had been waiting for the other team from approx 2:30 and the match ultimately started after 6.. Almost 4 hrs of irritating wait, with the blaring sounds all around had not left us in a mood to play. And eventually we lost. I was in ok form, got 5 headshots with pistol in the first round (It was the only silver lining in otherwise a very dark cloud for me). We came out from there in a foul mood and then I got a sms that Anubhav and Jagan were partying us at eat-street. It seemed that finally something was going right in the day, but I was again proved wrong.

Majji and I reached eat-street around 7:00. It was jam-packed, with no signs of others. We roamed around for 1/2 an hr looking for a place to sit, albeit unsuccessfully. Jayaram joined us at about 7:30 and he immediately found some chairs, thanks to him at least for the subsequent wait of 2 hrs we were seated. Yeah, they came at 9:30 after leaving college at 7:00. Again another wait, it seemed that this Sunday had been especially marked for waiting. Well from now on the day went fine. Had pizzas and sandwiches and chola-bhatura and raj-kachori and noodles and frankies and polished off everything with a very nice coffee.

But the day had been one for the inevitable waits. First one-hr wait for XLRI, then four-hrs wait for CS and then more then two-hrs wait for dinner. In all the waiting time that Sunday exceeded seven hours !!

Jan 10th, 10:00 am

Thursday, January 6

Cat out of the bag !

Section                         % score                        Percentile

Logic and DI                25.00                        84.26

Quant                            51.14                          99.38

Verbal                            66.41                         99.43

Total                            48.92                        99.65

Well the score exceeded all my expectations, and to top it all I got a call from IIM-A for my Group Discussion and Personal Interview. :)) It is scheduled for 11th March at Bangalore. But there is something weird too. I did not get calls from any other IIMs. After this percentile and the call from IIM-A, I expected at least 1-2 more calls from other IIMs. But they seem to have different ideas.
I am happy that I got a nice score and a call, but also disappointed that I was not called from any other IIM.

Jan 6th, 12:56 pm

We really went to Shimla !!

Even though the figure of 13 followed us throughout the trip, it was anything but unlucky. The trip was great. Well, great does not exactly convey how we felt about the trip, a much better adjective would be awesome or stupendous or fantastic.

The trip was conceived when Amal, Chandu and Ranta were selected for the ACM at Kanpur. The ACM was on 15th, so Vidit too decided to join them, bunking two days of classes. They decided on visiting Ranta's home at Daroti, 125 kms from Shimla. We decided on joining them for the trip and slowly the number of the people for the trip swelled up to 18. Courtesy PJN and Jawahar, we were cut down to 14. Abhinav and Bapu being the prime casualties, and others falling on the way.

So finally after many deliberations, we started on the 13th. Eight of us – Vidit, Parry, Rocky, Amal, Chandu, Manjeet, Ranta and me – started for Kanpur, with the other six to join us a day later. We had a whole block in the coach to ourselves in AP express, and had lots of fun. Slept and ate and played dumb-charades. Exhausted almost all the Hindi and English movies. Great acting on our part (barring Manjeet who relied only on our excellent guessing, he just moved his hands like he were setting some birds free, or as if he was flying. He had no other gestures!!) resulted in majority of the movies being guessed. Reached Jhansi at 2:00 in the night and got the connecting train to Kanpur immediately from the adjacent platform. Traveled thru the night and reached Kanpur early morning.

At Vidit's home we enjoyed a lot and ate a lot. All of us grew fat!! We visited Imambara in Lucknow and Aditya (Vidit's younger brother) gave us a tour of the bazaars of Kanpur. Vidit knew almost nothing about Kanpur. He was as lost as we were. He sure knows all the roads of H'bad, but the twists and turns of Kanpur seem to be beyond his reach.

Kanpur (Adi Jr, Me, Vidit, Paresh)

Imambara Lucknow (Vidit, Paresh, Me, Manjeet)

And to complicate matters for him, now his whole family knows about the incident in English Literature class. Rocky and I ensured that not even the smallest detail was left out. Vidit has been showing his gratitude in form of kicks and bumps etc. Well leaving Kanpur and all the Archie's comics behind, we reached Delhi after an entertaining wait at the Kanpur railway station where we guessed each others weights, Parry and me being the extremes and the rest of the pack in between.

Vidit at me at Delhi raliway station

At Delhi station we waited for the other six guys, their train being 18 hrs late they had to ditch the plan of coming to Kanpur and instead came to Delhi directly. As soon as Adi, Khare, Pankaj, Parivesh, Ketan and Googs arrived we took off for Chandigarh. We reached there around 4:30 in the evening after stopping for an hour for lunch around Panipat. There we roamed only in Sector-17 market for hours. Sushil (Ranta's younger brother) joined us there, Ranta being ignorant about all the routes and everything. Vidit and Ranta belong to same pack of cards, both being jokers!!

Well after a night's halt at Chandigarh, the next morning we left for Shimla. We reached Shimla late in the evening courtesy lots of stop-over in between. The first was at Timber Trail. This 2km long ropeway led to a hotel on a mountain-top. The view from there was breath taking.

Timber Trail (Me, Aditya)

Timber Trail

And what does one do on a mountain-top? Any guesses? I don't think any one will get this..
We played tennis.. Yeah that’s right; of all the places to play tennis I think this would be the craziest. Well since all of us playing for the first time, we sucked. Anyways by the end Parivesh and I had got a bit of hang of how to return and I had also served up an ace!!
Moving on next we went to Nauni via Solan. Had lunch there with Ranta sporting an ear -to-ear grin.

Ranta at Nauni

The next stop was Shimla. Reached there around 5:00, looked for a hotel and found a nice one cheap. The view from the hotel was beautiful. A dry tree, and the sun setting behind it. It was desktop material and the photographs proved it right. The stuff was astounding.

Sunset from Shimla Hotel

Roamed on the Mall-Road for 2-3 hours and ended the day by seeing Swades. Shimla closes down by 9:00, so we went to see the show at 10:00. On the way around 8-10 of us had dinner in just 160 bucks!! :)) We got the tickets easily, and came back to hotel at 2:00 am. It was my first experience of watching a movie at a place where I have gone as a tourist.

Paresh on way to Swades at Shimla

Next morning we went to Jhaku temple, the monkeys running amuck there. One of them snatched Parry's specs and gave them back only after it was given prasad. Saw snow-capped mountains for the first time from there. Then went to Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, and it surely was advanced studies. Post-doctorate in Humanities!!! And Rocky was thinking of enrolling there, he had ideas of having a 116 year old history behind him. He never even got to know the name of the girl, but I think he'll go back there at the first opportunity. :))

IIAS (Rocky's lost love)

Leaving Shimla behind we started for Ranta's home at Daroti. But en-route we stopped at Kufri. The place was even more beautiful then Shimla!!

Sunset at Kufri

Again at lunch dumb-charades helped us endure the long wait for the food. Then Adi and I went for a yak-ride there. It was fun. Then Vidit took a photograph of a ghost.. :))

Ghost !!!

Reached Ranta's home at 9:00 pm. His home was about 200 meters downhill from the road. So had a mini-trek in the dark!! That night just had dinner and went to sleep, having decided on going to trek the next morn. The morning came and with it an astounding views of the mountains. We were on a mountain slope, a small river flowing in the valley beneath and as far as the eye can see only lush-green mountains were visible. Some snow-capped peaks were also visible in the distance. It was nature at its best!!

View from Ranta's home

Me and Adi on the roof of Ranta's home

Parivesh Jet Li

That morning, after a hearty breakfast left for the trek at Giriganga. It was a small temple, surrounded by a frozen pond. And since it was a temple, we were bare-foot. The ice was... well ice-cold. We crossed that 10-foot long frozen pond bare-foot. Twas one of the greatest experiences.

Rocky crossing the frozen pond at Giriganga

And after Parivesh crossed it, as expected a crack developed on the route and others had to cross the pond by a longer route.

Me at Girganga, photographer - Me

And then the main trek started (I'm not considering the 2-3 kms long walk to the temple as a trek, coz it was just walking on a dirt road).

Had the first encounter with snow just ahead of the temple. And from there the trek started. Sushil and Nishchaya (Ranta's cousin) ran ahead of us geeks and were on the mountain top ages before us. One-by-one the people kept falling out of the trek. the first to go were Parry and Amal. 10-15 minutes later Khare, Bothra and Chandu gave up. Resting every 10 minutes, slowly but steadily we made our way up... Adi wanted to give up, but since he was alone and did not know the way down, he continued with me. Just ahead we caught up with Ranta and others, so Adi got company to go down. He, Rocky and Ketan were the next to go. That left Vidit, Maddy, Parivesh, Google, Ranta and me. Vidit, Maddy and Googs were much ahead of us. And at last even we three reached the peak. If it can be believed, the scenic beauty seemed to be increasing as the trip progressed. That time, we were Desktop Material had someone taken our photograph from some other peak. Surrounded by snow everywhere, on the peak of a mountain with the sun setting on one side and the moon rising on the other, simply put it was beautiful!! I have always dreamt of climbing the Mt.Everest. So what if this was not it, we called it the Mt.IIIT!!

Me and the snow

Parivesh and Me at the peak

The people who made it to the top

Sun sets as the trek ends

Since darkness was descending fast, we started making our way down. Finally we reached where our Qualis were parked and a blazing fire greeted us. It was the perfect way to end the trek. Made our way back to Ranta's home, with us playing Antakshari. Parivesh at his comical best (he is always at his comical best), the all-excited Adi (as he always is), Amal trying to sing Tamil song (got interrupted by the driver, but he sings well), and yours truly at his peak of besurapan the Antakshari was fun. Tired but happy, finally we reached Ranta's home looking forward to the next day's trek (at least I was, but I don't believe anyone else was). Had a grand dinner and then to bed!!

The next morning gave us a wet greeting. It had rained the night before and there had been snowfall just some kms from there.

Snow on the adjacent mountain

So leaving all the plans of treks etc behind, we packed as another snowfall could have meant, walking 18 kms to the nearest bus-stop. So half-heartedly we had to leave.

Rocky, Rocky and Poosha

Khare, Me, Parivesh and Pankaj

The whole group except Ranta

On the way back, the one thing we had been looking for confronted us. A snowfall!! Stopping for about an hour, we enjoyed in the snowfall, made proper snow-balls and all pelted their favourite target - Khare - for his infamous dialogue, "Are we going to Shimla?".

Snowfall on the return trip

Snow !!!!

Made our way back to Shimla that evening, Parivesh having made arrangemts for us at some Guest-House. It was less of a Guest-House, and more of a 4 or a 5 star hotel. That night got the CAT scores. Abhinav called us up with the scores. Vidit rocked with his 99.91 percentile in English and overall a great score. I was also very much surprised by my good score. Next morning we left for Chandigarh. And since Bothra and Googs wanted to go by train, Parivesh, Amal, Chandu, Adi, Vidit and I accompanied them. The trip was a tad long, but we endured it courtesy Dumb-Charades again. Google was at his worst best. He even defeated Bothra in terms of the acting. But the surprise element was Amal, he acted quite well and I think he was even able to act out a Hindi movie too.

The trip ends. Pinjaur Gardens at Chandigarh

From here on, the trip was just about saying Good-Bye to all. Ketan had left before we even reached Kalka. Vidit, Khare and Bothra also had their trains from Kalka that night. Then we traveled through the night, sleeping en-route for some 3-4 hrs and reached Delhi early in the morning. Dropped off Parivesh and Aditya at New Delhi Railway Station. Amal, Rocky and Maddy went ahead with Chandu as their trains were later, and Googs, Parry and I were dropped at the Nizamuddin station. The wait was horrendeous as the train kept getting late. The only silver lining in the cloud being Abhinav's call telling me about my call from IIM-A and Vidit's call from A & B.

And so the trip ends...