Monday, February 28

A week's break..

Yeah, I won't be blogging for a week. Am leaving tonight for XL interview.

Lets see how my interview goes? Am not exactly a bundle of nerves, but a tad apprehensive. I'll just take the interview as it comes and try my best to guide the interviewer to my fav topics. Else I always have the answer, "I don't know...." :) Hope I do well!!

Yesterday was great, with the trip to Runway-9 and all other things. Will post in detail about it later, when I am back.

Feb 28th, 2:34 pm

Friday, February 25


Just two days back I had went with Vidit to buy some novels, I liked almost all the books but why the hell are books so expensive?? So that day I reframed my resolution; earlier it was to devote a month's salary every year to buy books. Now it is to use up 15-20% of all money I make to be splurged on books.

The list of books I'd like to have:
(I'm just putting up the name of the authors since I want all their books)
  • Jeffrey Archer
  • Arthur Hailey
  • John Grisham
  • Alistair Maclean
  • Agatha Christie
  • Michael Crichton
  • Arthur Conan Doyle (I have this :) Yeah all of them...)
  • Mario Puzo
  • Dan Brown (I'm not sure about this, since I've read only one book)

And then Biographies and Autobiographies of:
  • Boris Becker
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • APJ Abdul Kalam
  • M.K. Gandhi
  • Hitler
  • Lee Iocacca
  • J.F. Welch
  • and many more people...

There were some other books, the names of which I don't remember. But I'll buy all of them someday...
If I have forgotten any good writer or some good book, do remind me.

Feb 26th, 11:28 pm

Thursday, February 24

Which one shall I follow ??

"Laziness is the worst enemy of humans. . . "
- Jawaharlal Nehru

"Humans should learn to love even their worst enemies...!!!"
- Mahatma Gandhi

Since both are great people, I think I'll follow both of them and I'll love laziness. Wait a sec, ain't I lazy already??

Feb 25th, 12:00 noon

Review --> Yeopgijeogin geunyeo

What is this movie that I am talking about ? Well it is "My Sassy Girl". One of the most romantic movies I've seen. It is a Korean movie and I watched it with sub-titles.

The movie starts with the hero being forced to help the drunk heroine and going to the jail in doing so. The next night he again stumbles into her and gets very intrigued by her. They become friends and slowly their friendship blossoms. The movie which was going more like a comedy till now, evolves into a romantic movie. Ok, I agree by reading this you would be thinking, "So what is special about this?". This is like any other romantic movie. But what is unlike any other movie here is the heroine. She says what she believes in. She is brash, she is rude, she slaps the hero around, she writes wacky stories and expects the hero to read and praise them, she exchanges her high heels with the hero's sneakers, she wants to know the depth of the lake and so pushes the hero in. But she is also vulnerable and is very sweet. Just for the sake of heroine I can watch the movie many times more.

One of the better romantic movies. A must see. Right up there with "A Walk to Remember"..

More Reviews -
Rocky's Review
Khare's Review
On Net

Feb 24th, 4:51 pm

Wednesday, February 23

Mid Sems

Exams are invigorating!! (I think I got the spelling right, Vidit corrected me, I was about to write invirogating) Just before the test I was very sleepy, very tired. Was walking around in a deep stupor. And just wanted to sleep badly, but now after the test, no traces of sleep exist. I am as refreshed as I'd be after 10 hrs of sleep. I have found my calling.... CS here I come...

Feb 23, 3:05 pm

Tuesday, February 22


From 9:40 am to 6:15 pm. Yeah this is the time I was in library today. Trying to study for the LCS mid-sem. What a waste of time! Actually the study part was the waste of time, rest was put to good use by me. I read Feb's RD and R.K.Laxman cartoon book and some more magazines that I don't remember.

But seriously, staying in library for more then 8 hours is injurious to health. It makes a person mentally imbalanced. It is apparent to me since I am not playing CS and writing quite a short blog, both very unlike me.

Feb 22nd, 7:05 pm

Monday, February 21

Lab Life

Right now in lab CS is going on, the server limit is 12 and 10 people are playing the game from the lab - Majji, Raheja, Deadly, Khare, Ranta, AU, Bhargava, Bedi, Bolero & _J with Jayaram and Sreejith playing from their rooms, . And surprisingly, 4 regular members of the LPG (Life is Pure Gas) clan Vidit, Sam, Tarun and I are not playing! 2 more frustoos (Parry and Ranjith) are playing Aoc and that too separately with hards! Some more poeple are surfing the net. There are no traces of any study going on!! This is our Computer Lab where we are supposed to study.

I love our Computer Lab....

Feb 21st, 7:15 pm

Sunday, February 20

The French Connection..

After reading in Khare's blog about his tussles with the whiskers, I too was inspired... :) I thought why not, come on this is the last sem, if not now then when? This is the time to experiment.

So here goes, today I tried to carve my week old stubble into something resembling a French Cut. Ok I was not totally successful, but I had given it a shape somewhat like the actual French Cut. Initially I had thought of shaving it off once I saw how I looked. So I started taking people's opinions. Khare laughed when he saw me (it seems he was jealous :) since my beard is at least noticeable.. Just now on the dinner table he again asked me to shave it... He is still jealous :D), Bolero and Rocky were not laughing but they were neither supporting me. Sam was totally in favour of it, still I was thinking of shaving it off but Abhinav would not let me. He was vehemently against me shaving it off. So I let it be.

After some more opinions I have decided to keep it for another week. I know I look a bit weird, but who cares ????

Feb 20th, 8:50 pm

Saturday, February 19

I wish..

Lyircs of the song when Lola runs :

I wish I was a hunter in search of different food
I wish I was the animal which fits into that mood
I wish I was a person with unlimited breath
I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest

I wish I was a stranger who wanders down the sky
I wish I was a starship in silence flying by
I wish I was a princess with armies at her hand
I wish I was a ruler who'd make them understand

I wish I was writer who sees what's yet unseen
I wish I was a prayer expressing what I mean
I wish I was a forest of trees that do not hide
I wish I was a clearing no secrets left inside

I wish I was a forest of trees that do not hide
I wish I was a clearing no secrets left inside
I wish I was a stranger who wanders down the sky
I wish I was a starship in silence flying by


Hey please comment on my review, this is my review of any movie and I want to know how I did it??

Feb 19th, 8:18 pm

Review:: Run Lola Run

Super movie. It is not Romantic exactly, it is not a Thriller too. It is a combo of the two. Lola runs and runs a lot to save her boy-friend Manni's life.

Manni has screwed up a deal and his boss will kill him if he does not get 100,000 dollars in 20 minutes. So in desperation he calls up Lola and she asks him to stay put, telling him she'll get the money somehow. And the movie begins, Lola runs. In the first attempt they get the money together but Lola dies. In the 2nd attempt Lola gets the money again, but this time Manni dies. In the 3rd attempt both get the money and no one dies!! Confused?? Yeah, I believe you would be.

The movie is very fast paced. The music is super, the songs that play when Lola runs (which is almost throughout the movie) are too good. And I loved Lola, her bright red hair, and her blue and green attire but especially the red hair. Another part of movie that is very different and kind of weird is the fast forward on anyone's life. All the people whom Lola dashes into during her run, we see their future life in the form of 10-15 snapshots. Whenever Lola passes someone, we hear "And then..." and the snapshots show the future. Weird but nice. Great direction, great shots of the run, slick editing - but the biggest positive is Lola. She runs and she rocks. The part I liked the most is whenever Lola is running, her flaming hair all over and nice music playing in the background.

This movie is very different, but very enjoyable. A must see.

Feb 19th, 8:12 pm

Friday, February 18

The Broker

Just completed reading John Grisham's The Broker. It was nice, but very unlike other Grisham novels. Generally he writes legal thrillers. This too was a kind of thriller, but not a legal one. It was more like a novel written by Alistair Maclean.
The book is just about a guy who is on the run, running from everyone, coz everyone is out to kill him. He is initially the bad guy, but as the book progresses, he turns good, has a hridaya parivartan and then the usual stuff. How he evades all the bad guys (here bad guys mean the intelligence agencies of US, China and Israel), manages to put his hands on the money he staashed away years ago, learns Italian and in the mean time learns to hack (that is send mails) and also gets entangled with a girl - this is what the book is all about. Typical Hindi-movie novel, but it was a nice read.
I think John Grisham should stick to legal thrillers only. Even though the book was good, it had good pace, nice settings and good grip; but it lacked the twist that seems to me a trademark of Grisham novels and there was absolutely no legal stuff.

One small question - Is there something like IMDb for books ? Some website where books are rated and I can read their reviews ? If anyone knows of any such thing, do please let me know..

Feb 18th, 3:42 pm

Thursday, February 17

New Bloggers here...

Please welcome to our community of bloggers, two new entrants.



So now I can spend some more time surfing the blogs.

Feb 18th, 1:00 pm

What if this is true ?

Another Conspiracy ??
This can't be true!! I hope it is not..

Feb 17th, 5:15 pm

I have too much free time..

It's true. I have too much time. I have so much time, that even when I have nothing to write right now I am still writing. I don't know what I am going to write in this blog; I am writing just to kill time.

I have started Friends all over again. Almost all the movies on LAN have been exhausted. All the books have been read. Have been surfing the net for years now, chatting has lost its appeal long back. Am in semi-retirement from CS, Quake and AoC. Daily posting twice, sometimes thrice on the blog. What else can a person do to kill time ?

Let me check how am I spending my time...
Sleeping - 8 hrs (Yeah, I am sleeping just 8 hrs these days)
Eating - 1 hour
Gaming - 1 hour (Surprised ?? Thats b'coz of the semi-retirement)
Blogging - 1 hour
Reading others blogs - 1 hour
Tea - 2 hours (This is the best part of the day)
Reading - 2 hours
Watching Friends/Movies - 3 hours

And I am still left with 5 whole hours.. I never thought there was a thing as too much time. How wrong I was ? But even after all this analysis, the problem still remains - What do I do ?
See, I had nothing to write and still end up with such a long post...

Feb 17th, 4:59 pm

Wednesday, February 16


Today while attending the Terradata talk (yeah, I finally attended one of those boring talks) I saw the future of, lets say someone...

From my vantage point, I was able to observe two people and the starking similarity between them. They both are deeply involoved in Data Engineering, no that is not the similarity. The similarity was in their hair-styles or more specifically the lack-of-hair.

One has just started losing his hair, his chand is not yet properly visible and the other has a very well formed round chand. Any guesses about whom am I talking ?? Well I'll stop the drama now, I'll disclose the secret. Sorry Rocky, but today I saw your future (or your future hairstyle) in Dr. Kamal. :)

Feb 16th, 10:09 pm

My first experience with blogging..

Here is the first instance of my blogging, at that time I did not give it any name, but now I know that it was my first tryst with blogging.. It is quality stuff :) that is what I feel.. I was screwed badly by Vidit and others for writing such a wrong, useless mail.. Your honest comments would be appreciated. (Well not too honest, please..)
Directly taken from my sent-mail

Let me start again from the beginning since some more of our esteemed friends have joined us in this endeavor to understand space. Or in consideration of constraint of space (oh! here it comes again) the new entrants are requested to read the stuff below.

So let me continue the discourse on space. Space, its importance lies in its simplicity, its invisibility. Have you ever considered space as an important attribute? Have you ever thought what the scenario would be if there was no space. Consider if instead of space some other symbol would be acting as delimiter.
Or even better consider if there was no delimiter,
thenimaginewhatthescenariowouldbe ?

Shakespeare said, "All the world is a stage". I agree he was a cognoscente but it would have been better had he extended it to include, "... and this stage is worthless without space". In absence of space, everyone jostles into each other, pushing around. Chaos and pandemonium everywhere!!

Space; take it in its spiritual sense. The levitation it affords to all.
In dearth of space.. Hey do not contemplate that I'm proselytizing you. But what I say and have said is absolutely true to the last word. The great Sa(i)nt Bansilal once said, "A bad throw begets a good catch". How true!! He said it in context of cricket but even he could not have imagined the far-reaching consequences of his saying. These days not only the cricket teams but all Multi-National-Companies are vying for the favours of the great Sa(i)nt. Oh sorry, I deviated from the main topic of our discourse.. Space. Space is 'The unlimited 3-dimensional expanse in which everything is located'. (Courtsey: WordWeb Dictionary). I would say that it is dimensionless or with n-dimensions where n tends to infinity. Our very own Einstein, Piyush would maybe like to throw some light on it.

Thank You
Especially to Sa(i)nt for lauding me in our mission to understand space. Remember this is not Mission: Impossible.

Bye. Enjoy.

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Vidit Bansal wrote:
Moronic or otherwise your effort to play with words was commendable (Commendable for trying it out with a musical lilt), still what amazes me is levels at which you analyze 'space'.
Spiritual space ...I don't know
Emotional space ...I can't comment now
Mental space in your context definitely refers to a big hole in your head.
A good fool begets a good shrink... a musical one begets a...

On Fri, 11 Sep 2003, Kunal Dhabalia wrote:
Password of the system changed to 'easy work' that is 'easy space work' where space is not taken in the spiritual or mental or emotional sense or level but at a practical level as in pressing the biggest key on the keyboard which is significant in the sense that it helps me in changing guns in quake, going to the selected object (villager/military unit/any building) in age and helps in jumping (virtually here not practically. I’m specifying in case u try to sue me for not providing complete information) in gta vice city.
Disclaimer: the above information except the password was meant for morons. If you read it you know who you are. :)
Sorry I forgot the space also gives boost (not bournvita Mr. Smart) in cricket 2002.

ha ha ha ha ha


Feb 16th, 2:33 pm

Tuesday, February 15

Being Twenty-Something..

"Being Twenty-Something"
They call it the "Quarter-life Crisis. It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are many things about yourself that you didn't know and may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now.

You start realizing that people are selfish and that, maybe, those friends that you thought you were so close to aren't exactly the greatest people you have ever met, and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most important ones. What you don't recognize is that they are realizing that too, and they aren't really cold, catty, mean or insincere, but that they are as confused as you.

You look at your job... and it is not even close to what you thought you would be doing, or maybe you are looking for a job and realizing that you are going to have to start at the bottom and that scares you.

Your opinions have gotten stronger. You see what others are doing and find yourself judging more than usual because suddenly you realize that you have certain boundaries in your life and are constantly adding things to your list of what is acceptable and what isn't. One minute, you are insecure and then the next, secure.

You laugh and cry with the greatest force of your life. You feel alone and scared and confused.

Suddenly, change is the enemy and you try and cling on to the past with dear life, but soon realize that the past is drifting further and further away, and there is nothing to do but stay where you are or move forward.

You get your heart broken and wonder how someone you loved could do such damage to you.

Or you lie in bed and wonder why you can't meet anyone decent enough that you want to get to know better.

Or maybe you love someone but love someone else too and cannot figure out why you are doing this because you know that you aren't a bad person.

You go through the same emotions and questions over and over, and talk with your friends about the same topics because you cannot seem to make a decision. You worry about loans, money, the future and making a life for yourself... and while winning the race would be great, right now you'd just like to be a contender!

"What you may not realize is that everyone reading this relates to it"
We are in our best of times and our worst of times, trying as hard as we can to figure this whole thing out.

Feb 15th, 5:00 pm

Monday, February 14


Question ::
What is the dumbest way to celebrate V-Day?
Answer ::
Malik says - Take admission in IIIT and you get to know he answer..
Pelu gives a very ajhel answer, which I deem unfit to put here, please ask me or him in person.
Anyways my answer is - Clean your room. :)
Yeah, after a whole year I cleaned my room today. And surprisingly, I did not find enough rubbish this time. Good for me, less work!!!

Adi had participated in the love letter writing contest, organized by our CRs. But he seemed to have encountered a writer's block or he was totally blank. Even after I had given him scores of ideas, he still had not written a word. So I come to his rescue.. and I write the following love letter for some person from Adi.

Comments invited...

Dearest *************

How are you? You know, lately I have been very disturbed and am not able to concentarte on anything. But then I remember those times when we used to be together and I am back to normal. Just a tiny memory of you is enough to get me back on track. But the problem is once I start thinking about you, I cannot control myself and just keep on thinking about you. I have spent hours and hours thinking about you, reminscing all the times when we just used to sit together and chat endlessly for hours together. All the small insignificant things we talked about have taken a new meaning for me now.
What is happening? You have become a necessity in my life. I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it, then I realized that the only thing that matters to me is you. You make me happier then I ever thought I could be. There have been many people who came and went through my life, but no one matterd but you. Even when we are not together, even when you cannot see me, still you understand me better then people around me.
Every girl I see, I try to find in her something that even remotely resembles you. I search for you in all the girls around me. But even though you are not here, you mean to me more then anything. Every day I crave to talk to you, say something I wanted to tell you so badly, but I never felt that this was the right moment.
But today I have decided to pour out my heart. I never thought I could feel this way for anyone, but I can't help it if I do so. I dont have words to express myself, hope you understand what I am feeling. I dread the thought of life without you..
I love you..

So how is it ?

Feb 14th, 8:50 pm

Sunday, February 13

Pizza !!!

After the volleyball match back to hostel, tried to order pizza from Pizza-Hut, but the jerk on other side refused to deliver. So I gave him a piece of my mind. Poured out all my frustation on him.. Shouted on him for at least 3-4 mins and did not give him a single moment to speak. Have never felt better :)) Now I know what I'll do when I am frustoo. I'll just call up Pizza-Hut, that guy will refuse to take order as they are too afraid to deliver to our college, afraid they'll get all lost in the dark like a small kid and then I'll shout to my heart's content. I know this is sadistic pleasure but I am enjoying it.. :)

Anyways ultimately got the pizza from Domino's. And finally the ice-creams from Ice & Spice. :) A nice way to polish off the pizzas.

Feb 13th, 11:55 pm


Today had a match with the 2nd year guys. Their's is a pretty good team, with two national level players. Ok, we are not that bad either, but we lack the pratice and co-ordination. So we started off the match - Rajjo, Prashant and Deadly on the net and Parivesh, Jagdeesh and yours truly taking the back. I started the proceedings with a nice simple serve. I served through the set, taking almost all the serves, I made 3 errors in the serves. Well we lost the first set by 25-18.

The next set starts and this time Jagdeesh takes the first serve, and after that it was only me serving through the set. I was very very tense while serving and the only thing that was going in my head was, "What if I make a mistake? These guys will get a foothold to come back into the match.." We were leading through out the set, but one bad serve could have changed it all. Luckily I did not make any mistakes in serves this time, all of them were properly in and I also served up a few very nice serves, 2-3 aces but overall I sucked. Played awfully bad. Majjj later told me that whenever I was about to hit the ball Jagdeesh always ran and came behind me as instead of hitting the ball forward, I was hitting it behind me outside my own court! Well thanks to awesome play by all others these mistakes I made did not count that much and even though the 2nd years fought back well we won the set 25-23.

Well the third and final set starts and every one is pretty tense. I ask Jagdeesh to take the first serve, both of us remembered he took the first serve in 2nd set and we won then. But early on in the set (at 3-3) we suffered a major setback. Deadly, who was in awesome form - countering all moves of Raghuvir, their national level booster - sprained his leg. :( He was out, we got Majjj in instead of him. Majjj plays well but he is not as good as Deadly. Even though we fought hard, we lost the 3rd set and the match.

Feb 13th, 8:35 pm

Friends & Joey

Even when you are in the dumps and nothing is going right in your life, these two TV-series act as life-savers. Just now did lots of Friends Trivia Quiz with Khare, got most of them right. Saw Joey-17, Alex is growing more cuter and Joey is getting funnier. And when ever I am bored or frustated or confused or angry or in any damn mood, F*R*I*E*N*D*S is the one thing that gets you back on track.

I can relate to each and every character of the show. There is a little bit of each of them in me, and even if it was not there earlier I am so obsessed with Friends that I may be sub-consciously picking up traits from them. Who cares if my room is not clean (Definitely not Monica, this is pure Joey), I don't care for what others think about me (Vintage Phoebe), I believe there is someone out there who is perfect for me (For Ross it was Rachel), I love the on-the-spur bad and good PJs (Chandler and all his stupid jokes), I sometimes worry about the stupidest thing (Monica) and many a times I am totally unreasonable and get all moody (Rachel). These are just a few things, I can go on and on. I have not even started on Joey's stupidity, the carefree attitude of Phoebe and relationships of Ross-Rachel and Chandler-Monica.

For me watching F*R*I*E*N*D*S with all my friends has been the most memorable moments of my hostel life. Nothing beats a nice episode going on, with some slices of Pizza (this was during last summer) or a nice steaming Alu-Paratha (and this is now). We have moved from Pizza-Hut to PR, we have had Chips and Biscuits and Cold-Drinks but the one thing that has remained constant has been F*R*I*E*N*D*S.

One of my favourites (of which there are a lot) --
Phoebe: [Right after playing a song in the coffee shop ] If you want to receive e-mails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can buy a computer.

Feb 13th, 4:42 pm

Saturday, February 12


I was tempted to just rip-off Rocky's and Khare's review of the movie. I totally agree with what they have written, but since I've never written a review for any movie, here it goes.

Simply put Black is *awesome*. I have not seen any movie that has had a more powerful impact. The acting ... What the hell I'm bad at writing reviews, I cannot think of anything to add to what Rocky and khare wrote. So here are their whole reviews-

Rocky on Black

Movies like BLACK come once in a decade and may be 3-4 such
movies come over a century. Its really a masterpiece of a
genious, which stands tall among the mediocre films of bollywood.
I haven't seen many of Satyajit Ray, Gurudatta or Bimal Roy
works, who are called the greatest of greats in bollywood.
But I am sure that with this movie SLB deserves a place equal
to them.

This movie, I think is very diffent from the all other SLB movies.
Its like "Mera Name Joker" of RajKapoor. A movie very different
from his earlier movies (except may be Khamoshi), but at the
same time containing that very special signature of SLB.

OK coming to movie... I don't know much about the technical
details like screenplay or cinematography and things like that
... but in a pure layman's language... The story was very touching
... The scenes and picturization were too good... the absence of
colors (not exactly) and the powerful use of shades of white, black
and grey makes every scene wonderful.

The acting of all the actors were superb. The acting of Ayesha
Kapoor(young Mitchell) and the Rani Mukherjee(mature mitchell)
is very enchanting. I always knew that Rani is a good actress but
this time her acting was far superior from all of her earlier works.
She was like living the character of Mitchell in herself.

Amitabh as usual has done gr8 but this time his role as an teacher
(Devraj) is very very different and challenging, I don't think anybody
else could have equalled his performance. Anyway I found him a little
overacting in the later part where he acts an Alzheimer patient and
also the make up of Amitabh for this part sucks.

There are some scenes in the movie which I can't forget. Like the one
where young Mitchell learns the meaning of words.
The speech which Rani makes when sister is getting engaged and also
when finally she completes her graduation.

I don't expect this movie to be financially successful and I guess
even Bhansali didn't make this to make money. I have never seen
the blind and deaf people so closely before this movie. This movie
shows us that they are also humans and they too have feelings. Its
indeed a very brave effort from the director.
Great work Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

I think this movie is made totally from `Dil Se`. So just watch it,
if you like listening to your heart.

Khare on Black

I am not a movie buff, but of all the movies I have ever seen, I think Black is amongst The Best. Sunil summed it up pretty well in the end "If this does'nt win an Oscar .. what will". The story is definately a brave deviation from everyday masala movies or for that matter most of the movies that we see. The experience of seeing Black was like seeing 'Anand' for the first time, except that it was more close to life than Anand. I am told that this movie is inspired from a real life story of someone named Hellen Keller. Something like this has happened in someone's life and think about it, it most probably happens to blind and deaf people everyday.
Black is a story from the heart, for the heart. Even a guy like me, who takes life on a day to day basis, a rather happy go lucky attitude, finds it touching. It tells us how exactly is the world for a blind and deaf person. Imagine being in a room, where there are no lights and everyone speaks in a language which makes no sense to you, basically because you yourself have no idea what conclusion to draw from the sounds you are hearing. That's what life is for these people, every minute, every hour, every day, every year, all life.
And then, comes into little mitchell's life, GOD. She calls him, her teacher. At first she has trouble understanding what teacher means, but he teacher her that too. Her first words maa, papa, and then teacher. Just goes to show the importance of these three people in her life. Slowly she learns everything that she needs to. And then she even goes on to become a grad student, thanks to the guidance of her teacher.
For me, every scene was a experience worth remembering. The movie has been rather beautifully picturized. At no part of the movie would you feel bored or would feel that the movie has come to a standstill. Especially since the start of her college life, the movie has become from being good to a classic. I liked the part in the movie where she appears for her interview. When asked what is knowledge for you, she replies for me "knowlwdge is my teacher". Another scene which I liked a lot was the part where her mother sees her using the spoon for the first time, and says to Mr. Sahay " you have made a fine lady out of my daughter, thank you .. ", and then breaks off crying. Yet another scene, where she talks to her mother on phone to tell her that she has failed in her exams yet again, I think that was rather beautifully picturized. I think that the scene where Amitabh reads her speech on her sister's engagement party is also good. And at the top of the list of wonderful scenes, the speech in the end on her graduation day from Rani mukherjee is simple superb.
Acting wise, for me, I feel the lady playing the role of Rani's mom did a SPLENDID job. Rani and Amitabh are pros and great acting IS expected from them and they do deliver the results with a power packed performance. But the surprise package is the girl playing young mitchell ( Ayesha Kapoor ?? ). She was definately great at her part. She did seem to bring out the helpnessness in Mitchell pretty well.
Overall, a must must must must must must must see movie. A great story, wonderful performances and great direction .. what else can you ask for ?


Thank you guys for your awesome reviews.. :)

Feb 13th, 2:15 pm

Thursday, February 10


I am so confused these days, that I don't know what 'Title' should I give this blog. I have lots of things to do, but I am not in a mood to do anything. These days everything sucks. Playing volleyball and cricket is more like some duty these days then just fun. CS has grown even more boring. It has been two weeks since I've atended my last GD/PI session at CL. I have no desire left to go till there and hear all the people just shouting at the top of their voices as if this is the end of the world. And to add to that, now I've a call from XLRI too!! So the perfectly nice week of 4th of March has now turned into a week dedicated to travelling and packing and more troubles. And on the FYP front nothing has been done for past 2 weeks.
The only good thing has been that I've had novels to read. Lots of them. So at least some part of my day goes on without me getting frustoo.

Feb 11th, 1:39 pm

Monday, February 7


This time around Felicity was all about fun. No more organising, no more begging, no more hassles. It was pure, unadulterated fun. :))

On day-1 Adi and I participated in Collage-Making and Vidit, Rocky, Adi and I also went for Biz-Understanding. After making a fool of ourselves at both the events we were back to what we do best - doing nothing. In the evening it was time for Bombay Vikings, the guy is a great singer.
Throughout the day the one thing that stood out was CS. The gaming tournament had started and there were hundreds of participants for all three games. Majji was the main organiser and we, the CSI clan had also participated in CS. That day we didn't have any match and just practiced in all kinds of stupid maps. I was in nice form .. :)

Day-2 came and went fast. Actually the day started quite late with me waking up after 1:00. As soon as I reached the lab, I was told that we had a match with Jedi in the tournament. Ok, so all of us got ready.. polished our mouses, got our headphones, decided on the strategies and started playing in inferno with us as initially CT. All our strategies seemed to be useless as those people won the first two rounds quite easily. They had magnums and all sorts of big guns, and we had small paltry pistols. We made a small change in strategy and then Majjj went mad. He alone killed four people, and we won the next round!! From then on we never looked back. We won the CT round 8-4, and then finished them of with a 5-0 win as Ts. It was quite a comeback!! Majjj led the scores both as T and CT. My form from yesterday continued to today and I put up a good show. But the man of the match was undisputedly Majjj. He turned the match around...

Day3 had in store for us even more fun then the previous two days. We had our CS match with the best clan of Hyderabad, the 4mac (TM previously) clan. They massacred us in dust2. We played well, it was not as if we were bad, but those guys were just awesome. Half the time I didn't know from where I was getting hit. And that too in a map which we have explored more then any other map. We got screwed but we put up a brave show. Majjj again led the scores and this time I was second in scores. But we had much more deaths then we had kills. We lost 13-3, but I believe any other clan from our college would not have been able to get on the scoreline. The 4mac guys eventually won the contest. The other semifinalists decided not to play with them as they were too good and decided them the winners among themselves.
In the evening it was time for the dances. For the first time in his life Adi performed a western dance and he did it well. His group won the 3rd prize. After that it was Mr. & Miss Felicity and some more crap. But the main attraction of the night was the party thrown by Abhinav. Sam, Nipun, Raheja, Jayaram, Akhil, Rocky, Khare, Ranta, Deadly, Vidit, Piyush, Abhinav and me were the beneficiary of Abhinav's largesse.

On returning to the ground for the DJ, we found Amal walking around with a platefull of chillies. He was looking for people who will eat 4 of the chillies in lieu of an ice-cream. He himself started the craziness by eating 5 of them and then he caught hold of all the girls and eventually the girls took revenge by making many guys eat the chillies. Rocky cried and Adi puked but they put up a game show. I somehow managed to rescue the chillie feat. And then it was dance thru the night. Adi, Rocky, AC, Sam etc were the great dancers and KG, Piyush, Amal, Abhinav, Vidit and me - the people with two left feet. Abhinav turned out to be an impostor, he danced well!!

Another thing which I almost miseed. Vidit and the story of Zombie. Courtsey Jayaram, the song was dedicated to all the lovely 4th year guys who have made it to IIMs, a rather precise description of Vidit :) Where ever Vidit went, be it the tea shop or any contest, she was everywhere. Eventually all the girls of our batch became the leaders in teasing him, as we all took a backseat. Zombie was sung again by them, and it was again dedicated to Vidit. :)

In short, Felicity was never more fun !!!

Feb 7th, 10:35 pm

Wednesday, February 2


The match between Undecided (Khare, Vidit, Sam, Jayaram, Shetty with Deadly as the substitute) and Jedi (2nd years) had started. Sam had just a won a game for their team, he killed 4 Ts and the whole lab erupted!! And then the Dean enters. He comes looking for his FYP students and instead he finds all his favourite students there shouting at the top of their voices. And then he made us revisit the Compliers class... :)

He started off with the Online Programming Contest, and quickly moved on to his favourite topic - Marriage. The first guy to be married today was Khare. Jayaram as usual was leading the show for us students, doing nothing but just airing the fire. Quickly he moved on to Shri-Ram Sachin. Alas, he was not in the lab and escaped the fun! The others who came in the line of fire were Amal - the Chennai guy, Shetty - the silent killer, Raheja and his towers. But the guy who stole the limelight was Rocky. Rocky has a Hindu kept on his CPU. Dean picks it up, "Ah! What is this? Oh.. Hindu.. this newspaper is for people like me.." Saying this he starts reading the newspaper and to our and to his absolute delight he finds it out to be the Matrimonial Section. He looks around amusedly, his gaze finally resting on Rocky (cortsey all of us in lab, who all shouted out Rocky in unison) and then Rocky starts blabbering, "Sir but it is not mine..." Neither we nor Sir cared to whom the newspaper belonged and a part of the Matrimonial Section was read by Sir with the usual gusto. Poor Rocky !!! :D :)) Finally we told Sir about the gaming contest and he let us continue the match.

Feb 2nd, 5:10 pm

P.S. - Undecided lost the match to Jedi

Tuesday, February 1

Cache In

And the online treasure has been found. After lots of scribbling, solving, cursing, shouting and googling finally Majjj and I completed the Treasure Hunt with 318 points. May get some more points, hopefully! I think we are in top-9 (9 teams are getting the prize), but nothing can be said for sure until the results are out. Anyways surely will get a T-Shirt. :))

Cache-In has done what many profs and many courses have been unable to do. It seems to me that after years I sincerely sat down for anything and solved a problem diligently. I have filled more pages in these past two days, then in the previous 4 semesters. :-|

Today I again saw the awesome power of Google. Of course it helped us a lot during Cache-In, but the best was saved for the last. Got an image during Online Quiz (Answer-42). Some guy screaming his head out while shouting some gibberish. I don't remember exactly what he was shouting but it was something like - "FDJRK". I searched for this nonsense on Google, and that too in image-search and I got the exactly same image I was looking for !!! Google rocks... Anyways with lots of help from Jayaram (sorry Jayaram, I know you did all the questions but let me take some credit.. ) and Rocky (Ha, now this guy helped me, or was it the other way round ?? Again he is the one who told me what to search for.. ) I finally submitted 11 correct answers, 3 total flukes and for decency's sake left one question unanswered. Waiting for solutions tomorrow.

Feb 2nd, 12:18 am