Thursday, March 31


And now the time has come. We have been given the pink slip by the profs and the juniors. We hace been kicked out.. :( Well not exactly kicked out, but that is how I feel. Bruised and battered, smarting that I won't be able to talk for hours and hours with Adi, Vidit, Abhinav,Parry, Piyush, Majji, Rocky, Poppy, Khare, Maddy, Parivesh.. ahh the list goes on.. , I won't be able to go for the cup of tea at 5:30 in morning after another useless and unneccesary night-out, I won't be playing CS with my new clan - Unni, Majji, Bedi, Rajjo, I may not again sleep in the class, I will not be able to read the novel in the last bench, I won't be fighting over facts of Friends with Piyush and Khare and Parivesh, I won't be defeating the Undecided anymore, Deadly, Jayaram, Sam, Shetty, Khare and Vidit, I won't be able to talk cricket with KG, Malik, Sushant, AC, AU, Kaka, AP, Majji, I may not go to Ice-n-Spice again, I'll not be sitting at Durgam-Cheruvu for hours with Vidit, Abhinav, Adi discussing our futures, I'll be not coming back to lab at 3:00 in the night just to watch a movie or just because I feel like it, I'll not be having any more Coffee, Tea, Mazaa, ButterMilk, Lassi, Sprite, Coke or Limca, I won't be sitting for hours doing nothing, I won't be carrying the earphones in my pocket anymore, I'll have to keep my wallet with me coz no one would sponsor me in case the need arises, I won't be having any more discussions on "What is Love?" (Abhinav and Piyush's fav topic for debate), I won't be giving(to Abhinav) or taking(from Adi) pointers on how to woo a girl, I'll miss the sucide bombings of Imran - he made any game fun, I'll miss just sitting in lab, listening to songs, arranging 3-4 chairs and falling asleep, I'll miss going to library to study and instead reading all magazines there, I'll miss the times when we chose seats so that we can see some girl, I'll miss the fads here (short hair, long hair, goatees, bald), I'll miss all those strategies we made before any match, and the aftermath of any match, we relived the match ball-by-ball, frag-by-frag, the analysis of every single player, what I did right and what I did wrong, I'll miss the the CS wave that would engulf us, one by one all systems would stop working on useless things and move on to useful things like CS, and then when the match would end Vidit's war cry, "Coffee Time!!", many people learnt this war cry from him and soon Shetty, Rocky, Khare, Ranta, Majji, Bedi all had just two words to say -- Coffee Time, I'll miss the loads of senti that did the rounds when something needed to be done, I've been on both the receiving and delievering end of heavy senti stuff, I'll miss "Its okay...", I'll miss Vidit's choice of songs for me, I've liked all songs he has chosen for me, I'll miss mistrusting Vidit on all his movie choices, I'll miss the romantic comedies I'd watch with Abhinav and then both would say "Girlfriend chhahiye..", I'll miss the big "Hi" with a killing smile from Dixit, I'll miss the "I'm not drunk!!" dialogues from Piyush, I'll miss all the discussions I had with Adi over ice-cream or coffee, I'll miss all the portal matters I discussed with Parry, I'll miss Jayaram's horrendeous phattas, I'll miss Majji calling from behind and then showing the finger, I'll miss Poppy's "Darling!!", I'll miss going for that special tea with Parivesh, I'll miss playing with Osama's name and defeating Maddy, I'll miss Bedi's cry of anguish or the victory cry coming from behind, shouting "Abe halbs bana!", I'll miss having tea with Rocky, I'll miss watching CS videos and solving Friends trivia quiz with Khare, I'll miss guessing the episode number of Friends by just watching one scene, I'll miss the horrible food of our mess, I'll miss Parry's long complaints, I'll miss making fun of people, I'll miss being the scape-goat lots of times, I'll miss the parties we used to extract from unsuspecting people, I'll miss the goldfish effect by Jagan when he used to play quake, I'll miss the lab, I'll miss the hostel, I'll miss IIIT, but most of all I'll miss all my friends...

Mar 31st, 8:01 pm

Yesterday's best dialogue
Scene: Farewell, only few people have turned up, even though it is half an hour late
Sangal Sir - Lets start with snacks and end with speeches, so that the people who turn up late suffer...
PJN Sir - Lets start with snacks and go on till the snacks last...

Monday, March 28

Its official...

I have represented all teams of our batch in the last matches and have lost all of them. With the loss to Dotts yesterday night, we are out of the CS tournament :( My gaming career screeched to a halt yesterday. I desperately wanted to win, maybe because of that I was not playing as I normally do. I sucked, my score is a testimonial to that.

I hate losing. I still like Keith Miller's philosophy, I know it is only a game, but still - I hate losing.

Mar 29th, 1:20 pm

Sunday, March 27

Losing sucks..

Our dream run ended, and it ended badly. CSI lost to Titans in aztec - in the winners bracket finals, losing was bad in itself, but the thing that irked us the most was the way we lost. They were lots better then us in terms of accuracy, but we prided ourselves on our team work. All our victories till now have been based only on proper coordination and team work. But defeat in three/four rounds and all our team work fell apart. But I'm sure we'll come back strongly in the losers bracket finals.

Till now I always was a good loser. I always took it in sporting manner. I liked the philosophy of Keith Miller. But losing two games in a day, first in cricket and then in CS was bad. I think I'll hold the record of losing all the last games of IIIT from our batch :( It started with football, then volleyball, next was basketball, then came cricket and now CS. I have been in all these teams, and we have not won any tournament this year.. But CS is not over yet.. We'll try our level best. We have a genuine chance at being the IIIT champions. I hope we win...

March 28th, 12:15 pm

Friday, March 25

The Rumour

These days it is widely known among my school friends that I proposed to a girl, lets call her ABC, way back in 10th. But I am unable to understand one thing, how come I did not know about this for seven whole years!! After all if I had proposed to her, I belive I would remember such a thing.. :D And wait there is more.. She said no, and so I started talking rudely to her from then on.. Well this too is news to me.. And guess who the perpetrator of this news is? One of ABC's closest friend.
I have this wild theory that maybe ABC left her spectacles at home, someone else proposed to her and she thought it was me.. Hmmm seems to be a nice theory...
I think on going home this time, I'll propose and see what happens... :P

Mar 25th, 8:18 pm

The four kinds of bumps... (Proper Data Mining Techniques Applied)

There are four kinds of bumps-
  1. Mishits: These are the ones that land where they are least intended. The champion of the Mishits turned out to be Imran. Three out of five were offmark. Bedi (He lived up to his name - BadAccuracy) also was a Mishit. Although all of Bedi's kicks (I believe about four of them) were Mishits too, but Imran wins out in quality. So I crownImran the champion of Mishits.
  2. Shouters: These are the ones that land bang on target, echo around the room and a scream escapes you. You dread them, you anticipate them, but there is no escaping them. A swift kick and AHHHHH. Visesh wins hands down as the winner of this category. Although he had stiff competition from Parivesh, but thankfully Parivesh honoured me with just one of his kicks whereas Visesh went on a rampage. I remember about six kicks of him, after which I lost count.
  3. Silent Killers: These are the ones that land bang on target, you won't even hear the kick on contact and not even a scream escapes you. All your insides are rattled, you want to scream and then you realize that even your voice has deserted you. While Shouters were swift, the Silent Killers are slow. The Silent Killer lines you up properly, gets everyone out of the firing range, sizes you up, takes aim, mocks a kick, tries another practice shot, grins for the camera, and then BOOOOOOOM you are hit. You have lost your tongue somewhere in the larynx... The winner of this category was Jayaram, he just outdid Ranta. Both of them hit two kicks each. But Jayaram did it with better timing. He had the last laugh, the last kick. They both were intent on more kicks, but thankfully God appeared in form of Abhinav and Aditya.
  4. Also-Kicked: Rest all the people fall in this category. These are the ones that are the most irksome. People keep on coming back to intervene with the Shouters and Silent Killers. They add Ghee to the fire. As compared to the above kicks these are nothing, but on a stand-alone basis these too are more then enough. The undisputed champion of this category was Ramneek, based only on the number of kicks he deployed - about 10 of them I'd say.

I was a witness to all of them from the worst vantage point. Hanging in mid-air, supported just by two pair of hands..... Ah, it was very painful!

So what I did on my birthday?
12:00 midnight - Played football. Unluckily I was the football
12:30 am - The Holi celebrations started early this time
2:00 am - An awesome choclate cake with the most innovative icing (Will upload a photograph asap)
2:30 am - Back to Lab and working on FYP. Demo at 3:15 (Just over 12 hrs left!!!) Work.. Nap.. Tea.. Work.. Tea.. Work.. Tea.. Tea.. Work.. Tea.. Majjj is a maniac. How can someone work that hard, for that long a time!! Hey its demo time already!
3:15 pm - The long wait begins.
4:05 pm - Majjj and I enter the room. Give presentation. Give no demo. Kamal Sir screws us.
4:45 pm - We leave the room, definitely screwed but happy that at last it has ended :) A smile on my face for the first time in the day.
5:00 pm - CS time.
7:00 pm - Pizza time! With Abhinav off to Domino's
9:30 pm - More CS time
2:00 am - Blissful sleep!!!

So "The Adventure of 23rd March" ends... Thanks to all for making it one of my most memorable days at IIIT.

Mar 25th, 7:57 pm

Monday, March 21

In the dumps

I have never felt more in the dumps. It seems to me everything that can go wrong is going wrong and something more too. Murphy's Law seems to be the Universal Truth to me these days. I hope I'll be out of dumps soon and then will get back to normal blogging.

Mar 21st, 2:25 pm

Friday, March 18

What does Steve Bucknor have against India ?

In Brisbane, season 2003-2004, Sachin Tendulkar is given out by Steve Bucknor when he was clearly not-out. The same series, Steve Waugh's last test.. Justin Langer is adjudged not-out twice to Ajit Agarkar when he was plumb both times, Damien Martyn is again given not-out to Murali Kartik. The umpire in all these wrong decisions was Mr. Bucknor. These decisions ultimately affected the outcome of that test, denying India a series win against Australia in Australia.

And now again today, when Sachin was on a song, playing more fluently then he has done in months, when the 35th century seemed imminent, Steve Bucknor comes up with a shocking decision giving Sachin out, when the gap between the bat and ball was visible even to a blind spectator sitting in the last seat in the last row.

Mr. Bucknor, I would request you to make this 100th test of yours the last test you ever officiate in.

Mar 18th, 7:30 pm

CSI Rocks....

Ok Jayaram, I agree I am gloating but I can't help it. Cloud number nine, the seventh heaven, euphoria... :) For the uniformed I am talking about the awesome match we won yesterday against the Dotts. Those who have no idea about CS, may stop reading this entry.

In the CS tournament we are having, organised only due to Majjj's and SlipStream's efforts, we had a crucial match against the Dotts - this match would decide the finalists of the Winner's Bracket. We started as CT in dust2, our only aim as CT was to win at least 5-6 rounds. Even on losing two rounds quite idiotically, we managed a score of 7-5 in favour of the Dotts. Sreejith started bad, but covered up astoundingly well to end up with the highest score. I was the second highest :D In one round I killed 3 people who were standing together, and ended up with health 100, armor 100. :)) Saki sniped very well, Bedi (He played by the name xXx and the Dotts were, hence, afraid of him.. :D) was awesome with pistols and Shrek was his usual reliable self.
So the score line is 7-5, we need to win 8 rounds to win the game. Sreejith says it'll be very easy, Majjj (our coach) says it'll be easy, Shrek and Bedi are of the same view, but I am a bit apprehensive. It won't be a cake-walk, winning 8 games against Dotts. But how wrong I was... It was a cake-walk. We defeated them 8-0, and won the match 13-7. Sreejith again led the scores, and again I was the 2nd highest :D AK rocks!!

After the match we met at the Canteen, all of us basking in self glory. I saw the demo again just now with Khare, and it seemed to me that we were playing better then yesterday night... :)) Ok, ok I'll stop. Enough of "Apne muh, miya mithho..."
Another point to note - This match attracted the most number of spectators till now of any match in IIIT.

Mar 18th, 7:02 pm

Thursday, March 17

Time Machine

During lunch today, we - Piyush, Abhinav, Vidit and me had a pretty good discussion about Time Machines. Abhinav wants to make one :) This has had me thinking for the past hour. What I would like to change in my life if I had a time machine.

I went back as far I can remember. I started with my school life. In the initial years I was the teacher's pet, I'd be the quiet guy sitting in the corner. The guy who gave importance to studies and rarely played anything. And in the latter part of my school life I remembered all the times when we used to stand outside the class doing the Snake-Dance :) and then some teacher used to come running from the staff-room and scold us for our misbehaviour (our classroom was visible very clearly from the staff-room) , the time when we deliberately did something that would make the teacher send us out, all the times when I went to Principal begging her for the Volleyball - 90% success rate :) , all the hot afternoons after each exam when we used to play cricket for hours and all Sunday mornings when all of us friends just used to meet and then decide on what to play. Then searching for the grounds to play Cricket (Sundays used to be very busy, all the grounds would be filled by 7am with many people playing..), almost every week clashing with the 15-year guys (A bunch of people who claimed to have played at a ground for over 15 years. We always reached earlier then them and always we used to fight with them..) ... I remembered all my crushes and all my talks with some of them (Not to be disclosed here :D) All the times I adviced Gaurav and Abhay and Shibu about their love lives :) I was good at advices...

Then the 4 years here. I remember a talk I had with Abhinav regarding how our main topics of conversation have changed over these 4 years. In the first year we used to ruminate over the past, the second year the topics changed from past to present. We started living by the day, without any thoughts about what happened yeaterday and what is going to hapen tomorrow. All our conversations dealt with current issues, things that affected us today. The third year our talks were a mixture of present (with a touch of philosophy, we used to analyze even the smallest detail in detail :D) and future. For present our favourite topics were Amalgam and Felicity. The time and effort we put into them and their successes and then we got thinking about Job/MS/MBA. To everyone his own dream. Then the final year starts and we get placed, and then our conversations always came around to our future. What am I gonna buy with my first salary, how much tax am I paying, where am I gonna go from here (Not Chennai plz!!), who would be the first person to get married (I still think Poppy will be the one), what kind of house would I like, where should my house be and lots and lots of questions... Almost all unanswered, everything in murky waters.. But the excitement is there along with the dread of starting a new life. Where would I be 5 years from now, or for that matter 5 months from now, no one knows. But the point is these 4 years have been phenomenal, every day a new adventure. We all have changed in the past 4 years and for good.

So the point is I would not like to change anything in my life. There is not even a single moment I would like to change. I don't need the Time Machine. Ok, if Abhinav and Piyush and Vidit make it I'd love to go back and relive my school days and I'll love spending time again at IIIT, again having all those weird and refreshing discussions :) And I'd play some more matches of Quake and CS ... And I'll eat some more ice-creams ... And more matches of Cricket and Volleyball would be nice .. And some more night-outs .. Some more episodes of Friends, some more Movies.. And of course I'll revisit our beloved mess ...

But I'll change NOTHING.

Mar 17th, 2:57 pm

Wednesday, March 16


I am with Piyush, Abhinav, Adi and Rocky having lunch. Even though the lunch was not edible, we were enjoying; until Khare comes along. His first dialogue on joining us, "All of you take my gmail id and give me yours so that I can remain in touch with you". And then it hit me, I am not going to see many people here, only 20 days or so are left. For the whole day I thought of nothing but my life after IIIT, life thru IIIT. How I have changed, how I have grown. I am getting more nostalgic by the minute. Even on reading Jayaram's and Khare's blog, I had been ok. But now I know the torpedo and the nuke they are talking about. I felt it too. Ahhhh... Screw you Khare for your intended-to-be-funny comment..

Mar 16th, 5:49 pm

Tuesday, March 15

The mornings...

6:30 am -> Sunlight comes into my room. I wake up, see the ungodly time and try to go back to sleep.

7:30 am -> Ahhh, the early morning sun is too hot!!! I can't sleep any more, get out of bed, wake up others in my wing (It is fun waking up everyone early morning.. :P).. As usual Abhinav and Vidit go back to sleep. Piyush, Adi and Parry accompany me to the breakfast. Genearlly we'll find many guys there, no they are not the ones who woke up - they are the guys who did not sleep... We'll start the talks with CS, move on to movies, sometimes cricket, then maybe some serious talk like economy, politics etc (Courtsey the guy who brought the newspaper), then come back to CS... The breakfast would generally last about an hour.

8:45 am -> Yo!!! No more sunlight streaming through my room's window. I can go back to sleep again!! Yawn!! Good night again... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mar 15th, 1:55 pm

Monday, March 14

Can I do it ?

I have been bit by the literary bug. I am reading a lot and want to write a lot. Have read seven and a half novels in the past 10 days. But only reading is not enough for me... I want to write... I want to write a book that will be on the best-sellers list for years!!! :D .... Ok I know I am not that good a writer, but I want to write. For the past few days I have been thinking of writing stories - short or long, that does not matter. I want to pen down all my thoughts, all that is happening around me, I want to make a blog dedicated to all the stories I write :) Vidit even had me thinking on Journalism.. :o
The problem is I am unable to choose some subject to write about. I'm not sure on what to do.. how to start... Maybe I'll just chuck out all these doubts and just start writing. But on what?? What should I write about....

Mar 14th, 7:21 pm

Wednesday, March 9

Another Friday...

This Friday would be not a normal Friday for me. Maybe it'll be the most important Friday in my life... Yeah I am having the IIM-A interview.. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

So no more blogging till Sunday...

Mar 9th, 1:42 pm

Monday, March 7

XLRI Interview

After a hiatus of a week I am back. Just read all the blogs and I have been thinking of nothing but Love and God.. Don't worry I am not gonna bore you with my philosophy.. :) For today I'll just recount my experience at XLRI. (For future use.. I don't believe I'll be joining this time...)

The 'bundle of nerves' I mentioned in the previous post which was not me had surprisingly transformed into me. I was scared shit. I had no idea what I was going to do.. Anyways calmed down somehow before the interview. So here goes..

Gg - Good guy
Bg - Bad guy
Tg - Tech guy
Pg - Poor guy (Me)

I enter the room and wish all of them. Bg pounces upon me like a caged tiger on a tiny sheep. What is IIIT? Are IIITs serving their purpose? Are you contributing to the country? Well I patiently explained about IIIT and the service we are doing to the country etc.. The guy was doing nothing special except trying to pschye me out. Asked me why am I shifting from tech field to HR? Unluckily I had been a bit pschyed out and said that maybe I can add a new aspect to HR.. (Why in the God's name did I say that??) So the Bg sees his opening and tries to beat me black and blue. How will you use technology for betterment of HR? I say something about automation.. He lands another blow, says something negative amounting to that I am an idiot and asks me to be more specific about the automation funda asking me to corelate "Family Background" and "IIIT" and "XLRI". Ok, this is getting weirder by the minute, what am I supposed to say.. I can't say "I don't know" since it is I who opened this can of worms. Hmmm.... Let me think... Ok, I get some small idea and try to sell it big. I say take all the information regarding the studies done by all the family members and check the trend. It is likely that ..... blah blah .... What I said I don't remember and I did not even understand what I has said, but these guys seem to be expert. They understood what I meant to say, I got my idea thru... Hurray!!! But not so fast... Wait... Bg lands another blow. A right hook. Bg - "What ever you said is bullshit.. This is all clerical work... I don't want all this to be automated.. Basically you are an idiot and moron who is not fit to be here.." Ok, that was not what he said, but I heard it loud and clear. The only good thing about this phase of the interview was that I managed to present a smiling face through out. I just kept reminding myself that this is just a small stress interview, but the enormity of the situation seemed to be getting the better of me most of the time and I was totally pschyed out by the end of first phase. I was ready to bolt from there...

The second phase starts, Gg - "Where will you take me to visit, when I come to H'bad?" What the hell is this... Am I tour guide? Is this not an interview for a reputed B-School. Anyways it is better then the previos abstract questions, at least I have something to say here. So I give a virtual tour to Gg, taking him to all the usual places and tried to end it with a touch of humour in the end, by mentioning Paradise and the tasty Biryani and something more... The reaction he gave me, it was as if I were talking with a block of wood. Come on, the faintest of smiles would have lifted my spirits but no. It seemed to me a plague of locusts would have been more welcome there then me. :( But at least this guy was not asking stupid questions.. More questions on GK and current affairs..
Gg - Why is Raipur called Raipur?
Pg - I don't know Sir.
Gg- Why is India called Bharat?
Pg - King Bharat etc etc
Gg - Jharkhand problem...
Pg - I add some information.
Gg - When and how did this same thing happen in AP?
Pg - I don't know Sir. (Did something like that really happen??)

So the 2nd round too ends.. The 1st round in favor of XLRI, the 2nd round shared equally by XLRI and me.

3rd round begins... This is the Tech round. I had not studied anything for tech, actually had not expected it, so am caught unawares.. without any prep... Starts with Tg asking me about my courses, I name many courses stressing on DB and DW/DM. And Tg asks, "What are materliazed views?" Hehe.. I get my opening and land a sharp jab. This is my field, I have done a project on this.. (Thanks Vidit for making me take up this project) So I explain the whole funda to him as I would explain to a 5 year old kid. More questions.. He wants to set up a new DB, what kind of schema should he use? How should he materialize views? Should they be normalized or not? etc etc... More openings.. More jabs and hooks... :) I answer everything satisfactorily.. Finally I am in the game.. Another question, "What is DSS?" Ooops what is that... "I don't know"... But I am satisfied with my overall performance in this round... Round 3 to me....

What I felt after the interview was they were just checking my body language and confidence and how well can a person handle pressure. Through out the interview only one person was asking the question and the other two panelists were noting the body language. All they tried through out was to stress me out. But only the first guy suceeded, others did not seem expert at this kind of thing.

Round 1 - XLRI
Round 2 - Draw
Round 3 - Me
So that makes it all even.. Who has won?? I have no idea... I hope I win, but I feel that maybe I missed the bus. I could have and should have done better.. Will surely do better this Friday..

March 7th, 7:30 pm