Tuesday, April 26

It's an art!

Blogging is an art... Blogging is sometimes pure instinct, somtimes it is the result of days and days of thinking and sometimes it is plain ripping stuff off net :) To blog properly the ambience has to be just correct, the right song has to play, you have to be in the mood, with no-one around to disturb you.

Blogging cannot be done everywhere.
Blogging is an ART!

Apr 26th, 4:08 pm

Tuesday, April 19

10 MB is too less!

So what if we are becoming alumni?? If Gmail can give so many GBs, why are we being given a paltry 10 MB in our inbox. 25 MB too was less, but manageable. But now 10 MB!! How am I supposed to post pics on my blog? Tried Hello, and said Bye to it. Tried Flickr, and my bulb fused off. What do I do? Anyways trying out Yahoo Photos. But it is not the same thing as having pics on my blog. I am just posting the link and then you can see the pics, but this sucks. Someone teach me how to use Flickr?? Hello works fine for single photograph, but for multiple photos...

Wednesday, April 13

I am very confused right now, so if you do not understand the post and if I jump right off the track while writing, and you lose flow, welcome to the club. I am the founding member :)

I don't know what to write in here. It is just that so much is happening so fast around here. One minute I am without any care in the world, all brazen and assured and the other minute I am remembering everything, getting all woozy and reserved. For the first time in my life I am not feeling like going home.

I have lost count of the nights I have not slept. I have had consecutive 10-12 night-outs now, I believe. Every night I am doing something I have done for the past four years, the only difference is that now I am a crazy guy who has nothing left to do. I've no assignments, no submissions (abhinav and majji and rocky are taking care of BS), no tests, no exams. Ok, I agree I have not done any assignment or any project properly for the past 3 years and I have not studied until the 11th hour for any damn thing, but the point is almost always something was there to "not" look forward to. Now I've nothing. Nothing in the world left to do expect play some CS, play some Quake, then play some more, and then watch movies like it is apolcalypse and this is the only thing left to do. I have dedicated the previous nights to reading a novel, playing monopoly like a 10 year old kid, watching movies, playing CS/Quake/AoC, going out (yeah at 3:00 in the night we were having tea and mirchi bhajji at Hi-Tech-II), surfing the net in the reverse chronological order (is reverse chronological == chronoilllogical??) and this night I am blogging. All the nights end the same way, tea outside the gate at 6:00 in the morning and then blissful sleep. Even the yahoo status messages are nostalgic. Sreejith has the message - "Every beginning has an end!". I know that this end had to come, but I hate it. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad that I've passed out of college. Now I think I should not have stayed the last few days here, saying Goodbye to all. Instead I would have loved to have everyone say Bye to me. But this past week has been one of the best in my life. I have freaked out so much that it'll take days and days for my adrenaline level to come down. It'll be weeks before I have a normal schedule, and start living like a sane person. But this is not the end...

I've lots to look forward to. I am looking forward to a life where I won't be uncomfortable with thousands in my hand, a life where I am responsible for each and every action of my mine - no matter how stupid it is, a life where I won't be dependent on the monthly deposit from home, a life where I'll be taking care of my family, and not the other way round, a life where I'll cook and eat the burnt/half-cooked food and still deem it tasty, a life where I'll be independent. Yes, it will be difficult making this transition from student to a professional, but I don't care. This don't care attitude of mine has helped me till now everywhere and I know I'll be ok even ahead. I'll adapt. But first of all I'd like to change Sreejith's status message to "This end is the beginning...".

Apr 14th, 2:52 am

Thursday, April 7

Am I Graduate yet....

Just gave the last exam of the last sem. Wrote crap for seven pages on Globalization & Economy.

So.... Am I Graduate yet?

Apr 8th, 11:09 am

Wednesday, April 6

What I want to do...

Some of my dreams, my aspirations. Many of them are very far-fetched, many of them may be not possible, but what is the harm in dreaming? I dream, and I day-dream a lot. Dreaming is fun. :)

A small list of what I would like to do:

  • To climb the Mount Everest
  • Hitch-hike across the globe
  • Learn how to fly an aircraft
  • Learn how to ride a horse
  • Go to moon (and come back)
  • Write a book
  • Live my life with my family
  • That special someone (Googling for her...)
  • Have a house on a hillside
  • Have a swimming pool in my house (some selected people know why I want it.. :D)
  • Own a very-well-stocked library
  • Try bungee-jumping
  • Jump off a plane, of course with a parachute
  • Win some prestigious award (A Nobel prize would be ok, Ignobel I don't know)
  • Visit South Pole - I can't hitch a ride to there :(
  • Play proper tennis and golf
  • Visit even the remotest corner of India
  • Go on another trip to Goa with my friends
Hope I am not just a dreamer...

Apr 6th, 5:35 pm

Saturday, April 2


Yesterday our seniors came to help us make a transition from students to professionals. What would be expectations from us, how to be profssional, should we switch jobs, when to do that, ethics and all that stuff. But the gist was do something which makes you happy, do something that makes you content.

After listening to Adapa, I was almost convinced not to do a job. But Prasad and then Adapa again changed my views. To be or not to be, that is the question. In the end I realized one thing, that something that makes you content, satisfied would make you stick to a job. Even though I may not like the job I'm doing, I may stick to it if I am satisfied. Again Prasad put up a good point, how do I define satisfied? For some satisfaction would be money, for some it would be that someone cares for you, but for me, I have decided, satisafaction would be earning respect. If I am respected, if I am appreciated at the job I do, I'll stick to whatever job I do no matter what... Ok, I agree money is a criterion right now for me, but again the funda comes of long-term vs short-term goals. What is my long-term goal? Do I have to be the CEO of a company to be satisfied, do I have to weild power, do I have to be earning the most? Honestly, I don't know... If I had to choose right now, I'd say money... No I think CEO... Ahh I am confused.. I'll decide when I have to make a choice. Till then I am happy with who I am, and how my life is going on..

Apr 3rd, 1:27 pm

Awesome Pics...

Check this site...

Apr 2nd, 3:00 pm