Tuesday, April 19

10 MB is too less!

So what if we are becoming alumni?? If Gmail can give so many GBs, why are we being given a paltry 10 MB in our inbox. 25 MB too was less, but manageable. But now 10 MB!! How am I supposed to post pics on my blog? Tried Hello, and said Bye to it. Tried Flickr, and my bulb fused off. What do I do? Anyways trying out Yahoo Photos. But it is not the same thing as having pics on my blog. I am just posting the link and then you can see the pics, but this sucks. Someone teach me how to use Flickr?? Hello works fine for single photograph, but for multiple photos...


Blogger PRC said...

Flickr is quite easy to use man... just host those photos naa.. and u have to give some tags which is kinda giving folder names... like in Gmail... and then post the urlk of the same.. or even publish directly into ur blog :)

10:15 PM  

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