Saturday, May 28

Did I get a good deal?

I am in B'lore Central along with my cousin and her friends, browsing through everything. We spot a pair of pink shorts, of course meant for girls. Out of the blue, I am challenged to wear them and roam around a bit. Okay, so I ask them, what is in it for me? I am offered dinner at any restaurant of my choice. Nah... I am not interested. They change the wager from dinner to a shot of tequila. Hmm, this just got interesting, I may even do this. I ask them to increase the odds and now it is two shots of tequila. So, I do it....
Some moments of embarrasment is compensated for by two shots! I think I got a good deal. What do you say?

May 28th, 5:20 pm

Thursday, May 19

Summer at home!!

  • Awesome food :P
  • Slow computer – PIII and 64 MB RAM
  • Slow internet – 33.6 Kbps line :(
  • A guy who has been toying with computers for more then four years sits down to repair his home computer and fails abysmally
  • Delicious food :D
  • Demotion from my dear bike to a vintage Bajaj scooter :(
  • Promotion from the bike to a car :)
  • Awful traffic jams
  • More food
  • Sitting in front of idiot box – All day long songs and movies albeit not of my choice
  • Insufferable commercial breaks
  • Frequent power-cuts
  • And some more food :)
  • Very hot weather
  • The cool breeze of the cooler
  • And food!
This sums up my summer holidays!

May 19th, 4:30 pm

Tuesday, May 10

A post has been due for a long time now...

Tuesday, May 3

I hate parties

The way I see a party...

  • Put on a fake smile
  • Say 'Namaste' to every other person
  • Shake hands with all the remaining ones, even if you don't know them
  • Ask them about their well-being when you don't care a shit about it
  • Say "I'm great!" even if you are critically ill
  • Make small talk
  • Say you had great food when you have had better food in your mess
  • Say "See you soon!" even when the next meet could be in heaven/hell

I hate parties!

May 4th, 12:00 noon