Monday, June 27


For the past two months, I have been doing nothing but catching up with all my old friends. Almost daily we school friends are freaking out. Eating at all the old places, discussing our class girls and reminiscing about all the great times we had in and out of our classroom. But the one thing that stuck me about all the guys who have not lived here for the past four years, is how they have changed! Even the guys who have been here have changed, but not as much as the guys who have spent four defining years of their lives in hostels, eating crap food and staying away from home.

The guy with whom I was closest in my school life, I cannot find topics to converse with him. The guy I rarely talked to in school life, these days I spend the major part of my day with him. With some of the guys it is as if I have never lost contact, while with some others it is like meeting strangers. People have changed, I have changed. It is strange... The friends I took for granted are no more there for me.

But, whenever about 5-6 of us meet, we lose all inhibitions and it is again the same group. We have all those senseless and baseless talks. The leg pulling (even now I am a preferred target), the match making etc etc. We get together and go to Chetan's thela to eat the barf. It is still as tasty as it was four years back.. :)

28th June, 12:43 am

Monday, June 6

World War II

Just completed reading "The Winds of War" by Herman Wouk. An awesome book about an American family caught in the storm of the World War II. For the first time in my life I was genuinely interested in WW-II. Whenever people around me talked about it, I just shut my mouth and tried to understand what it was all about. Always I was unsuccessful.

I watched many movies on WW-II, but they were always regarding one specific incident, one specific battle, never the whole war. "Enemy at the Gates" was an awesome movie, but what was the Battle of Stalingrad? I never knew the details, I even tried to read some books on WW-II, but none held my interest. This was the first book that had my full attention.

A part in this book had the German perspective of WW-II, why Germany lost the war, what were the mistakes made by Hitler etc. I'd like to read more about WW-II, especially the German perspective. I'll search for books online. But I have no idea which are good books, which are not. So people, help me out. Do tell me some nice websites and nice books from where I can know more about WW-II.

June 7th, 12:47 pm