Tuesday, August 30

From tea to coffee

Those were the days, when I would drink 10-12 cups of tea in one day. I think 10-12 may be a conservative figure. Probably the tea-guy with his register to refer to, would give a much more accurate figure. But these days, tea is a luxury! To be precise, good tea is a luxury. I hate the flavored tea they have here in the vending machine. Owing to this I have shifted my loyalties to coffee. Espresso, Mochaccino, Cappuccino... a wide variety of choices here. I tried all the flavours, and ultimately settled on cappuccino. So from 10-12 cups of tea, it is now 10-12 cups of cappuccino every day. Although cappuccino is good, it does not come anywhere near a good hot steaming cup of tea. Cappuccino is refreshing, it is not as simulating as tea. I can drink 4-5 cups of tea at one go (my record is 6, but whose counting?), but with cappuccino 2 are as much as I can take.

In short, Tea rules! I am yearning to shift my loyalties again, but first give me a hot cup of well made tea.

August 30th, 8:17 pm

P.S: There may be another reason for this transition. Java & beans... :D (I know a very bad PJ, but could not resist)

Tuesday, August 23


Today I was in for a surprise. I have known it forever that Raipur is not clean, but at least considered it better then most metros. I was wrong. Today's TOI had the following news:

The country’s most polluted city is Raipur, Chhattisgarh’s capital. On Monday, the environment ministry ...

Yeah, I agree that Raipur is dusty, has more then its share of industries around it and more vehicles then most places the size of Raipur, but the most polluted city! Thats preposterous! We have proper supply of clean water, the residential areas are clean, we have numerous parks - although small in size, but they are there and the roads are cleaned every morning. People do not die there because they drank dirty water or inhaled polluted air. I know Raipur is not that clean, but I beg to differ with the enviroment ministry who proclaim that it is the most polluted city. I ought to know, I have lived there my whole life. I have eaten bhel, samosa etc from most of the hawkers there, and am yet to fall sick because of that. No matter what, Raipur is my home and I love it...

August 23rd, 10:03 pm

Tuesday, August 2

Even the pizza tasted better

The day started innocently enough. All the alarms blared even though it was Saturday (Yeah, we have 4 alarms. Even they are unable to wake us up completely in the morning) It is difficult to get out of the bed on a normal day, and alarms ringing on weekend! That sucked. Eventually got out of bed, searched for my cell as I had heard beep-beep some time earlier. Hmm two messages in the bloody morning.. I read the messages and suddenly the day turned rosy and the birds start chirping. Yeah in lieu of all my blood and sweat, I had my first pay! Ok, ok there was no blood and definitely no sweat (the air-conditioners here are awesome) but so many of my grey-cells had lain down their lives for specifically this. My hard earned money! Have many plans on how to spend it... DigCam, i-Pod, a new cell. But the only major expenditure till now has been the house-rent. Oh yeah, I almost forgot our home!

It is great.. A huge hall, two bedrooms, no water problems and one computer with 200 GB hdd holding over 70 movies and Joey and Wonder Years etc. But the best part of the house is the roof. A huge roof with a beautiful view and the incessant cool breeze. One of the best places to just sit and talk. Courtsey Rocky and Maddy I did not have to search for the house and ended up going there directly from my train.

Have met many new people over the last 3 weeks. My first impression of most of them has been "Nerds!". And I have been right.. All the people here are so brainy and many of them are absolutely brilliant. Hopefully I can fit in.

August 2nd, 8:15 pm

PS: Even I completed a year of blogging and also this is my first post from my office :)