Tuesday, August 30

From tea to coffee

Those were the days, when I would drink 10-12 cups of tea in one day. I think 10-12 may be a conservative figure. Probably the tea-guy with his register to refer to, would give a much more accurate figure. But these days, tea is a luxury! To be precise, good tea is a luxury. I hate the flavored tea they have here in the vending machine. Owing to this I have shifted my loyalties to coffee. Espresso, Mochaccino, Cappuccino... a wide variety of choices here. I tried all the flavours, and ultimately settled on cappuccino. So from 10-12 cups of tea, it is now 10-12 cups of cappuccino every day. Although cappuccino is good, it does not come anywhere near a good hot steaming cup of tea. Cappuccino is refreshing, it is not as simulating as tea. I can drink 4-5 cups of tea at one go (my record is 6, but whose counting?), but with cappuccino 2 are as much as I can take.

In short, Tea rules! I am yearning to shift my loyalties again, but first give me a hot cup of well made tea.

August 30th, 8:17 pm

P.S: There may be another reason for this transition. Java & beans... :D (I know a very bad PJ, but could not resist)


Anonymous paresh said...

dude, dont drink so much all by urself. the say it is bad for health. so let me share some :D

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Sreejith said...

yet another addict to caffeine. yet another drawback of corporate culture. btw cappuccino rocks :D my fav too.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous sam said...

so we are in the same boat dude ...

Cappuccino rocks ... or a cup of Hot Chocolate.

btw i got paid and gues wht i am gonna do with that ...
:D planning to clear my bills .. with the coffee shop (IIIT)

2:31 AM  
Anonymous kunal said...

@paresh: dude come down anytime to my office... the coffee would be on me.. :D

@sreejith: is it really a drawback?

@sam: i agree, even hot chocolate rocks! btw what is ur bill at the coffee shop?

12:03 AM  

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