Friday, September 30


Is there any logic behind dreams? What do dreams signify? Do dreams depict what I want the most? Or are they just related to my day-to-day happenings? How do I interpret my dreams?

For me dreams have been a combination of logic less, pertaining to my day-to-day happenings and sometimes it has been what I want the most. Two days back, I dreamed I am buying a house, a very nice house for just 4 lacs (this is one of the wild dreams people dream about where they get a palace at dirt-cheap price). But the weird part was that I calculated the amount I'd have to pay every month for the next 2 years, down to the second decimal point! When I woke up and checked my calculation, it was perfect! No mistakes... I researched a bit about dreams and found this
"As such, our dreams should be able to give us useful insights into how to solve problems. In this theory, a recurring dream is an example of an unsolved problem."
This is just one of the many theories I came across, but it definitely explains why I used to solve Crosswords in my dream, or how come I solved a nasty Physics question from Irodov in my sleep which had bugged me for 3-4 days. But this theory still does not explain why I bought a house in my dream...

Another theory is "wish fulfillment" given by Sigmund Freud. This still does not explain why I bought a house, although it explains the dream I had last night... And then there is another line of thought, according to which "we dream to forget". Nah, I don't like this theory. Some of my dreams have been anything but forgettable.

Also I came across Lucid Dreaming, which is being aware in a dream that one is dreaming. There are techniques to induce this, including severe sleep deprivation. I had experienced this once, I realized I was dreaming and I woke up. That act was anything but lucid, if people can fly in their lucid dreams, I could also have done something. Anyways I missed that, and I am not depriving myself of my precious sleep just to experience some silly dream.

Enough of dreams, I am off to my favorite time pass - Day Dreaming, it is so much better then normal dreams, at least I know the logic!

Thursday, September 29

Cluttered thoughts

I took Paresh's advice and tried to put up a post about all the things that came into my mind in the last 2-3 minutes. The result:

December, shock, work, project, AAI, strike, sensex, money, cricket, gmail, blogroll, message, investment, JSP, Java, future, post, payday, cricinfo, firefox, friends, afraid, tensed, worried, rain, results, home, bike

Hmmm, I sure am confused!

Tuesday, September 27

Hyderabad still rocks...

In Raipur I drive in my subconscious. I start from place-X, need to go to place-Y, and I reach there without even thinking about the road I have to take, the shortcut through the alley, I avoid the potholes without even looking at them, I slow down automatically at the speed-breaker, I don't have to look in all directions at once... It has happened many times, that I reach my destination and then I realize Oh! Yeah, I drove till here. I have had countless daydreams while driving there.

Earlier in Hyderabad, when I did not know the roads etc, I had to remember the roads; I had to lookout for potholes and speed-breakers. But after driving in Hyderabad for so long a time, even traversing through Hyderabad had become a part of the subconscious. But now, it seems there has been an explosion of vehicles in Hyderabad or because I am a part of the rush hour now, I feel that way. Earlier the journey used to be from one place to another, now it is from one traffic-jam to another. But still when there is less traffic, I get into the cruise mode and let my subconscious take over.

This weekend, for two days I drove in Bangalore. Leave aside the subconscious, even when fully conscious, it is a nightmare driving there. You have to look ahead, look to the right, look to the left, look in the right rear-view mirror, and look in the left rear-view mirror and that too all at the same time. If there is a gap of about 6 inches between your bike and the vehicle ahead, the army of vehicles behind you sound off war - they keep on honking until that distance has reduced to 6 mm. A small gap appears in the traffic and even the bus starts creeping into it.. And I saw a strange kind of bus at Bangalore. Two buses connected together through a rubber tube kind of thing (similar to two railway coaches joined together). Each of the part of that weird bus has a mind of its own. The second part seems to move on its own accord, irrespective of the first part.

But the good thing about the Bangalore traffic is that, it restored my respect for the Hyderabad traffic. I thought that traffic in Hyderabad could not get any worse, now I know. Traffic in Hyderabad is good!

September 27th, 7:25 pm

Thursday, September 22

My variable is qryMgr instead of queryManager

The sms culture is catching on. I get mails with content as –
"hi thr, hw r u? m gr8.. hrd abt blah blah.. btw xyz is @ blore.. njoyin thr. u tc, c ya.. b in tch"

The chats have frequent reference to 2day, ystdy, msg, hlp, thru etc etc. Ok asap and afaik can at least be termed as acronyms (sort of), but what are msged and 2mrw. Oh sorry (sry), I wasted two (2) letters when (whn) I wrote "and", it could (cud) have been just (jst) n!

"To be, or not to be: that is the question:" If someone were to write this quote today, it may very well turn out to be "2 b or nt 2 b: tht is d ques:". This would surely make Shakespeare turn in his grave.

This culture has me too.. Many times while writing an official letter, I tend to write u, r, ur etc. These days I generally run any letter I write through a spell-check. But even the spell-checks are into this culture. "How r u?" does not have any error in it! All my English teachers would be fuming if they saw any letter I have written these days. Everything would be marked in Red with sp written in the side. Oh, how I wish someone could proof read my letters, instead of running them through the stupid spell-check.

This sms lingo sucks!


I have heard that a cat has nine lives, I know for a fact that Andy Blignaut has at least 5 lives. Five dropped catches, three of them on consecutive balls. It seems the Indian team had lots of butter during breakfast and then they forgot to wash their hands! The slip cordon and the keeper would certainly make a nice team for any hand-wash ad campaign...

September 22nd, 5:49 pm

Tuesday, September 20

A view from the blue skies...

My college.. Four years of my life... IIIT - Hyderabad
Courtsey: Google Earth and Sandeep.

Monday, September 19

@#!@#% Murphy @#$%!*&

Why is that the first version of your program runs perfectly, you make some changes - the program does not run, and when you comment your changes, even the first version has stopped working?

Thursday, September 15

Every day starts with a challenge. A challenge so arduous that every other task pales out in comparison. Every night I sleep, dreading, that come morning I have to climb Mount Everest once again. I wake up, but I hesitate in getting out of bed, not because I am sleepy (ok, that’s half the reason) but because I'd have to face it.
Every day, I dive deep into the clothes pile and come up with clean clothes for the day! No no, don't laugh... When I say dive, I mean dive. This pile consists of almost all the clothes we own. We have two heaps to boast of, one of washed clothes, the other - to be washed. The contents of these two heaps just keep on rotating, maintaining the law of conservation of clothes. I don't think even Larry Page and Sergey Brin would be able to make an optimal search algorithm for this, leave alone optimal any algorithm would do. The searches I have applied to look for clean clothes are:

Fishing: Just dive headlong into the pile, put you hand as deep in the pile as you can, get out all the fishes you caught; choose by elimination. For the brave.
Sidestep: Start flirting with the edges of the heap, look for the appropriate colour, snatch when seen. For those who preach caution.
Top-of-the-Heap: The name says it all. For the lazy.

But alas, everything boils down to brute force. Pankaj has further compounded the problem. In his cleaning spree the last weekend, he tried to segregate the heap into three smaller heaps. Although successful (we have now three heaps of clean clothes) the problem is I am faced with scheduling problem. Which heap to dive in first?

Any solutions to my dilemma?

September 15th, 3:40 pm

Monday, September 12


Ah! It is Monday again. Had heard so much about Monday ('Manic Monday', 'Monday Blues' et al.) that I was afraid of it even before I encountered it. But Monday, till now has been welcome for me. At least I go ahead in the day with something to do. During the weekends I am bored beyond boredom. Given the gift of time, I am at a loss on how to spend it. I have often heard people say, manage time, save it. It’s a good advice; just don’t follow it for weekends. I have too much time in my hands to manage it! When I started on the job, I thought, “Ok, weekends would be fun!” Now I know the truth, weekends are boring! Anyways what is one supposed to do at weekends? I have roamed around Hyderabad a million times, there is no fun left in roaming in the malls and movies take a lot and lot of patience (if I am not watching a movie on mplayer, if I cannot seek, it is crap). I could always go to college, one would say, but I have gone to insti so many times that Jawahar Sir may be considering giving me MS as a visiting student. I have met him more then many guys there :-) If I continue going there as frequently as I do, I would not be surprised to find all the MS guys completing their thesis etc in twice the actual time. So from now on, there will be fewer trips to IIIT. The only thing that I still look forward to at a weekend is a trip to any bookshop. It seems to be the only worthwhile thing to do. This weekend got three more books :-) At this rate my library will be pretty well stocked in a year or two.

Conclusion: Weekends suck! Monday rocks…

September 12th, 6:50 pm

Thursday, September 8

Wicker Park

Have you ever had the feeling of thrill, of foreboding or of plain dread while seeing a romantic movie? You are not sure what is going to happen the next minute, who has negative shades to his/her character, you are on the edge of your seat... You are confused, what is happening in here? But slowly, the pieces start falling in place; the picture becomes clearer, you relax, recline on your chair and you think that ah! After all it is just a plain boy-chases-girl story. But suddenly another flashback pops up, and you are again on the edge on your seat...

A love story that is a thriller. This is the only way I can sum up Wicker Park.

Saturday, September 3

Cricket + Tennis

Thanks to England, my interest in cricket has been revived. Australia had dominated cricket for so long, that it had lost its appeal. There just did not seem to be any competition. Even when India played, although I have always been a die-hard Indian supporter, there were always doubts. But Ashes-2005 has changed it all. Simon Jones with his reverse swing, Flintoff and his all-round performance, Hoggard and the impeccable cover drive he hit, Pietersen is having a dream debut series and Vaughan is at his commanding best. McGrath predicted a whitewash before the series, and most people concurred. Even if not a whitewash, it was supposed to be a one-sided contest. Australia had mastered The Art of Winning. Now they are struggling, it is not as if they are caving in. They are still fighting, owing largely to Warne and Lee. But it is England who is winning. It is winning that matters. There is a quote that goes something like ‘Winning does not matter, it is the participation/spirit that counts.’ Who so ever said this, probably never won any game. If you play a game, you have to win and that is precisely what England is doing. Although they are just scampering through, but they are winning and that matters. It seems that the Australian dominance chapter is coming to an end in the annals of cricket.


As one leading sports journalist pointed: “Sania Mirza's serve won't win any awards for design and her toss is so high you can have a cigarette waiting for it to come down. She is a few biryanis heavier that an elite athlete can afford to be and her acceleration on court is more Ford than Ferrari. But no big deal; this you can teach an 18-year-old. What you can't is chutzpah, and toughness, and Sania Mirza has both.

In the last-16 at the US open. Quite a journey from being an ignomity a year back to the rising star having a higher TPR rating then most of the seeded players. At Wimbledon she played at Center Court, a huge honour and now at the US open she has played at the Grandstand and the Armstrong and is all set to play on the Arthur Ashe court. Hoping she makes Sharapova bite the dust.

September 3rd, 6:45 pm