Thursday, September 15

Every day starts with a challenge. A challenge so arduous that every other task pales out in comparison. Every night I sleep, dreading, that come morning I have to climb Mount Everest once again. I wake up, but I hesitate in getting out of bed, not because I am sleepy (ok, that’s half the reason) but because I'd have to face it.
Every day, I dive deep into the clothes pile and come up with clean clothes for the day! No no, don't laugh... When I say dive, I mean dive. This pile consists of almost all the clothes we own. We have two heaps to boast of, one of washed clothes, the other - to be washed. The contents of these two heaps just keep on rotating, maintaining the law of conservation of clothes. I don't think even Larry Page and Sergey Brin would be able to make an optimal search algorithm for this, leave alone optimal any algorithm would do. The searches I have applied to look for clean clothes are:

Fishing: Just dive headlong into the pile, put you hand as deep in the pile as you can, get out all the fishes you caught; choose by elimination. For the brave.
Sidestep: Start flirting with the edges of the heap, look for the appropriate colour, snatch when seen. For those who preach caution.
Top-of-the-Heap: The name says it all. For the lazy.

But alas, everything boils down to brute force. Pankaj has further compounded the problem. In his cleaning spree the last weekend, he tried to segregate the heap into three smaller heaps. Although successful (we have now three heaps of clean clothes) the problem is I am faced with scheduling problem. Which heap to dive in first?

Any solutions to my dilemma?

September 15th, 3:40 pm


Blogger Rakesh said...

try your hand on that long lost CLRS book ..

3:28 AM  
Blogger Rakesh said...

[discussion continued on gTalk]
CLRS book ?
which one is that ?
Rakesh: cormen .. leiserson ..
the algo book which we all followed
Kunal: i dont remember it
Rakesh: :)
Kunal: ok ok
Rakesh: thats good ..
abe hamare room main padi hui hai 2 copies
Kunal: now u see why i am have problems finding clothes :)
Rakesh: yup .. i can understand
dont worry .. I just know the name of the book .. dont remember any of the algos
Sent at 4:05 PM on Thursday
Kunal Dhabalia: Busy
Kunal: haha
we shud have had this chat on the posts... would have looked nice :)
Rakesh: ok .. lets copy paste this ..
Kunal: haha

3:38 AM  
Anonymous ramneek said...

Nice post.
Keep posting...

4:24 AM  

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