Thursday, October 13

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Well Dravid has been named the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, yet again. I just hope this time it is permanent. Dravid has been toyed around with too long. His worth is still not recognized by the BCCI. He has always been used as a stop-gap arrangement, first he was asked to keep wickets and I have lost count of the number of times he has stood in for Ganguly. Ganguly should have been booted long long back. I don't know for sure whether he is out of the team or not, but I'd love to see him out. Is aggression the only criteria for being a captain? I don't think so... The captain should lead by example, which I think Ganguly has not done in the past two years. His batting is at best medicore (that too when opposition is Bangladesh and Kenya and Zimbabwe) and he is one of the worst fielders in the world cricket.

For me, Dravid has always been a player who flourishes under pressure and when given responsibility. Somehow he reminds me of Steve Waugh, always playing when the team is in a tight situation. When he was given the added responsibility of wicket-keeper, his batting just blossomed. His drives were much more silken, his pulls much more emphatic, the glances much more cheekier and his hooks always ended up in the stands. Being a captain will only improve his batting. Naming him a captain is a good decision, but taking this decision earlier would have made this a great decision. Anyways with Ganguly playing as if he had ants in his pants, this was bound to happen sooner or later.

All the best to Dravid... Hope he gets a team without Ganguly and with Tendulkar.


Blogger ironhide said...

hear hear!
kick ganguly out..ban him from playing cricket..while at it..ban his future generations from cricket too! :P

11:15 AM  
Anonymous sanyam said...

nice title this time !

ganguly is an A$$. good to see that dravid's back.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Kunal said...


thanks! finally, a good title...

8:09 AM  

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