Thursday, October 6

How does one come up with the perfect title? I have always faced this problem on what should be the appropriate title for that specific post. I have had titles like '...' and #%*$$&#^&# and ??? and many times I have left the title field empty for want of any idea. I also seem to keep repeating the titles, I have two posts with titles like $$&#^ and two more with Future.

People have perfected the art of coming up with the perfect title. Rocky - after a careless stroll, The life goes on, What's in a Name!!, The One With the Ice Cream; and these are the most recent posts, I have not delved deeper else I would have found even better titles. Utkarsh - Kahani mein TWIST hai !!!, Heights of Creativity or Lack of it .. + Life @ Alpha center, 150-151, North Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai. Sreejith - No time to stand and stare, The lost blogger, The beginning of an obsession, "Kick start" life..., Deja vu , minesweeper and mangoes!, Algorithms of life.. and the list goes on. And I have not researched on titles of Paresh, SMR, Jayaram, Nirnimesh et al. I am sure these guys will have more 'good titles' to offer, but if I see any more good titles I will start suffering from inferiority complex.

How do these people come up with a great title, is beyond me. The title should be such that it speaks volumes. Either it should be a pre-cursor to what is coming or it should be so intriguing that people cannot resist it and have to read your post. A title is not just about playing with words; it is about playing with the reader's mind. It should be able to arouse interest in even the most dormant of minds. Imagine what people would do to me if I named such a post as Hierarchical File System... I would be skinned alive!

Right now I am still searching for an apt title for this post, I have dismissed "What's in a Title!!" (that’s plain rip-off from Rocky's titles), "The lost title" (hah another rip-off, sorry Sreejith), "Of titles and titles" (hmmm, this also seems to be copied... oh! why did I not have such a good copying form during my exams!), "In search of a title" (seems like a name for some crappy soap), "Elite title" (play with words and also an AoC hangover), "The art of writing titles" (Yawn!!!) ... Hah I give up! Again this post will be without title, suggestions for an apt title are most welcome. I'll choose the best title and edit my post and keep that title and... and... say thanks to the one who suggested the title!

In quest of a title!


Anonymous Sreejith said...

for starters try :D
"Heading towards a title"

as soon as i think of another i shall comment :) btw it feels privileged to be researched upon :)

8:36 AM  
Anonymous paresh said...

tantalizing titles is what u said on my blog ... hmmm ... this post is better than that. i somehow like it the way it is. without titles. No title is good enough :)

8:57 AM  
Blogger Rakesh said...

oye kuch bhi rakh de .. kya farq padta hai

9:29 PM  
Blogger Utkarsh Khare said...

since i requested you to post a post .. i shall post a comment and since I don't have anything to comment I shall just say "No Comments"
By the way .. you can name it
"No Titles .. " on the line of "NO Comments"

11:29 PM  
Blogger Kunal said...

i just took 6 titles from your blog, i had liked 2-3 more.. but then the constraint of space came up.. so..
btw "heading ... title" - 4/5 :)

hmmm.. title without post - 4.5/5

abe help karne bol raha hoon.. kuch to title de de.. tumhe milta hain shunya! ZERO! :P

i like "no title" .. but a post without title has its own charm.. anyways u come a close second with 4.49/5 ... :D

Seems I am doing only BC here.. :))

11:45 PM  
Anonymous sanyam said...

i suggest

without a title, for a title, from others title !

hope you have a title for next post :) keep posting.. i like the way u think, and how easily you make a post of it. these thoughts have gone thru my mind too .. but never ever thought so precisely over it.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Kunal said...

nice titles Sam..
but not good enough.. :(
Am looking for zing in a title.. it should be catchy and so you score 3, but for the flattery (thanks a load for that, i feel like a blogging emperor!!) you score another point.. so you come up to 4.. :)

5:24 AM  
Anonymous sanyam said...

hmm .. dont curse me for this bc .. but i cant stop myself posting this. you mentioned about zing in a title right?

so here r some

K u n T i l e - title with a zing
(as in hyundai)

title ki jung - ek zing
title - ek mukhda
zing titre - ek anokhi heading in french

hooof ... give me something to have fun right now on a friday night. i want to go home :( ... mummmyyyyyyyy

11:59 AM  
Anonymous kunal said...

all zing titles score 4.995 (wow! i love decimals) i am still gonna with parry's idea of no title! :))
enough of timepass in comments..

5:33 AM  

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