Monday, October 17

The one that got away

Yesterday I realized how ancient my bike is. Vidit and I are lazing along the road and suddenly a BMW zooms past! Vidit got a decent enough look, but me - thanks to my helmet and my good driving skills (I had my eyes just on the road ahead!) - I got just a glimpse of the tail-lights. Hmmm… A car worth crore bucks just goes past me and I don't even try for a second chance!! Yeah, you are right... I'd be nuts not to try. After all what’s a BMW when compared to my just-serviced-and-the-same-day-splattered-in-mud bike? I give chase, in the pukka filmi ishtyle. Oh, not so filmy! No heroines here, it was just the BMW & the bike & its two riders! I and of course the bike and Vidit slowly inched our way towards the car... The distance reduces, now the tail-lights resemble two shining one rupee coins instead of the 25 paisa coins. I pray that the traffic light is red (praying for a red traffic light means either you are following some beautiful girl or following a BMW or a Ferrari, anyways both of them leads only to heartburn)... But alas, it is quite late in the night and the traffic lights are playing i-wink-you-wink-we-all-wink... Suddenly the BMW revs up, and the one rupee coins transform to 25 paisa coins again. Ok, I take on the challenge (although none was thrown at me)... Even I accelerate or rather try to accelerate, I am already going at the max speed of my bike, a paltry 70 kmph! And slowly the BMW faded into oblivion... *boo hoo hoo* :(

Anyways I still love my bike...


Blogger PlayBoi said...

go to a mechanic. He is fix up your bike. Avg. will be reduced a bit. will come down to 30-35 but power will be more than a pulsar 150 and obv. a much much faster pickup. change the exhaust also. put free flow ones, another increase in the power. new tyres mean better traction. better traction again leads to better accl.
all this will cost u (without the new tyres) 2-2.5 K and a little extra on petrol every month. But look at the bright side, next time when the BMW revs up, u still have the chance to see the 1Re. coins :D

(hope u rmr who i am)

11:26 AM  
Blogger sandeep said...

man..atleast u have a bike which u can run at 70..if we have to chase somebody/something we wil have to tell autowala to do it..which wont go at more than half of ur speed :(((

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Sreejith said...

nice. but sad that u missed the german beauty. Btw i caught sight of a silver Porsche, a red Ferrari and another sports car.. prolly a Merc SLR in Chennai... and all 3 at the same place! it was an awesome sight. *sighs* when will i drive one :( *more sighs* and chandu is absolutely right. at least u have something!

11:30 PM  
Blogger Kunal said...

basically you mean i should buy a new bike... hmmm.. nah i still love my bike.


Porsche, Ferrari!! *even more sighs*
anyways when are we meeting?

12:40 AM  
Blogger Rakesh said...


;) once again !!

1:50 AM  

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